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    Banning- a lost art

      Has anyone gotten anyone at IW to complete a ban for them in the last 2 months?  Ive sent msgs to all of the sources I know multiple times for people and I havent been able to get it done since late June. Is it safe to say that they just dont give a $ anymore? Disheartening.

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          I think they will ban people, but they are not in the business of keeping people from playing their game, things like boosting, or hacking ( auto aim) is  a noticeable thing that will get a bann , but things like language, modded controllers, is prob harder for a bann, its just hard to prove, and keeping people from playing is not that great of a marketing move.. you dont want to give the people who buy your game a bad tast in their mouth

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            2. Re: Banning- a lost art

            Think they have completely given up cowboy, I used to report and do the video stuff all the time but don't even bother anymore, it seems pointless.

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              I am sad to say, I spoke to the person who took over for Candice & Jonny last week via twitter and I was told directly that they no longer "ban" for anything other than major game breaking infractions.  After trying to get an answer myself on what was going on the past couple of weeks when most of my reports were only "stripped" of whatever wrong doings, Finally Teenah answered after including pretty much every known IW/ACTVI entinty on the tweet.  I guess when you include corporate you finally get an answer.

              Long story short, as usual, she deflected to "you'll have to ask such and such.  His answer was nothing short of shocking and disappointing.


              Here's a relatively condensed (although still long) version of the conversation:

              Me: Why would you quietly change your policies regarding glitching/cheating? As someone who has turned in over 200 legitimate (ie you banned & reset) cheats over the past 6 months, I feel this new crap of simply stripping XP from token glitchers or removing modded game files is just that, crap.  It makes me feel that IW/ACTVI no longer cares about policing the community.  And to do it without even telling anyone (let alone directly responding when questioned repeatedly) is shady and disappointing. It's like a slap in the face to those who try to help! No more wasted hours for me turning in reports of cheaters I find.  Why bother?

              Tina:our guy @dra1nag3 runs security. He can explain why he made the changes
              Rob: Prestige token glitchers are not banned, but all tokens/unlocks/doublexp are removed. This allows us to focus on the people disrupting live gameplay.

              Me: I'm sorry but with all due respect, that is a poor excuse. What about the guys that are/were actively using CMR/XDK mods?  For ex: I sent one, with proof, that was calling in care packages at the immediate start or a game for numerous games across weeks. Is this not disrupting gameplay?  Instead, all you did was remove the extra classes he had (15 classes BTW) and take the cheats out of his files.  He's still playing today.

              I have other odd cases too, with proof that were given similar "slaps on the wrist" that as short as a month ago would have been given a harsher punishment as a "message". Are the boosters I sent not blantant cheating?  What did you take away from them? While I agree that "game breakers" should be dealt with first, I still think this is a poor message to send to the community.  Especially those of us who have taken the time to REGULARLY send you reports. Cheaters are cheaters. How do you explain that to all the people who were banned/reset over the SAME infraction? What you're essentially saying is you no longer have the man power to handle all of the complaints, or simply don't care to make a statement that cheating will not be tolerated.  Thank you for taking the time to respond, but your answer was very disappointing.

              No response still a week later and the five I directly reference in my response to him have still not been dealt with.

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                with the people that cheat u think they would do something i mean sacraficve the few to save the many not save the few and forget the many (few being the people that cheat and mod and the many being the people that play the game fair)

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                  5. Re: Banning- a lost art

                  Just as I thought- They dont give a $ anymore.  The growing list of Fails is amazing to me.


                  Well thanx for letting me know, so I dont bother at all anymore.  

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                    Boosting ,cheating, spawn trapping/ killing and strafe run (or variations) boosting , using glitches ( eg a wall breach) and Vs boosting will all get offenders banned and reset ,the token glitch is no longer bannable but the XP, tokens are taken away if someone sends in a report .

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                      (tokeners)No theyre not. Thats part of why I started this thread.

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                        Exactly.  One only needs to look so far to see the writing on the wall.  Hell, they haven't even told their own moderator (no offense Foxhound) that the people they had him referring them to, no longer deal with enforcement at all, and don't even want people to contact them regarding cheating! He's their forum represenative and they aren't even telling him! So then he directs people here to them and people get mad at him for the wrong information, if they're even lucky enough to get a response from them.  That's unfair to Fox!

                        It's been almost 3 months for Candy (BanCandy) and 2 for Jonny(BanStache) since they've moved on.  All reports are supposed to go to Rob / BanWarden, @IWEnforcers or report@infinityward.com.  There were even people in the main IW office that didn't know so last week Tina posted a heirachy.  They're just phoning it in at this point.

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                          9. Re: Banning- a lost art

                          i reported spawn killing for months now, I still see the same  people in there clans doing it,.. no point

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