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    BO2 Zombies: Perks

      Talk about new perk ideas.

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          Re: BO2 Zombies: Perks

          A perk that lets you noclip wherever you want.


          just kidding. The main thing i want to see is pro perks which become unlocked for purchese from their vending machines if you complete some challenge (but you can only get it in that match, meaning you would have to do the challenge for every new game you play)


          for quick revive the challenge could be where you would have to revive people a certain amount of times. the effect could be that if you get knocked down with quick revive pro you don't die. at the moment when you get knocked down you die in over 30 seconds, but a pro version could make it where you just stay down (but you still lose if everyone else gets downed)


          jug could be where you get flashing red and manage to avoid death a certain amount of times and it makes it where your health regens faster.


          doubletap's effect could be where you throw grenades and special grenades faster. there were many times me or my friends got knocked down while prepping the gersh or monkeys, or our grenades took too long to blow up.


          speed cola could let you switch weapons faster and knife faster.


          deadshot pro let you aim down sights faster, remove weapon recoil


          Ph.D flop could make it where traps you or your allies buy don't damage you and maybe increase the range a little when you dive to prone.


          stamin-up could either increase sprint time even further or just give you infinite sprint.


          and mule kick could maybe make it where you carry another special grenade (monkeys, gersh, etc) and maybe increase ammo you can carry with your guns

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