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    Bored at work today. Lets talk about overall stats

      I have been playing COD for far to long and i went back and browsed my stats over all the past games. Today we have elite but they only show for blops and MW3. So here are some stats that i came up with and not suprising i have had enough kills to decimate a medium size city.


      So please dont flame. I am not showing off anything, just having fun with numbers and plerase feel free to share yours.


      COD total numbers:


      kills: 340,622

      Deaths: 208,471

      Wins: 16,274

      losses: 5020


      Overall K/D 1.63

      Overall W/L 3.24

      Win % 76.40


      Breakdown by game



      44,033 kills

      26,129 deaths

      967 wins

      643 losses


      COD world at war

      109,105 kills

      73,938 deaths

      4379 wins

      2830 losses



      106.683 kills

      64,730 deaths

      4944 wins

      885 losses


      Blops ( took a year away from gaming )

      16,357 kills

      10,310 deaths

      884 wins

      133 losses


      MW3 ( as of 2 days ago )

      64,444 kills

      33,364 deaths

      5101 wins

      529 losses


      So lets see how much of a no life you all got

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          Re: Bored at work today. Lets talk about overall stats

          Too much research for me to undertake, as I'm at work now as well.  I do know I had a 1.17 KD in BLOPs, but didn't play much, and only 7,000 kills in MW2 and played no multiplayer in any COD before that.


          MW3 I have about 82,000 kills with a 2.51KD.  Nowhere near your win/loss though I win like 59% of my games, but I run solo 99.99% of the time.  I estimate the times I run with a team my W/L is closer to 5:1 or higher

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            Re: Bored at work today. Lets talk about overall stats

            Has for kd i would have to estimate becasue my son plays on my account and always goes like 10-28 or so lol and since infection has been around he will go like 3-20. So I would estimate my kd to be around a .90 or so.


            As for w/l I play solo so its only around like a 1.14 (MW2). For some reason on MW3 its only like a .80 or so and I think its because on MW2 even if my team was bad I could control the flag areas good enough to carry my team due to the spawns not being so random. Not to mention my son plays MW3 more than he did he did MW2 so the stats are not all mine.


            An interesting stat I added up the other day is I earn most points capped around 30% of the games I play.

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