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      Okay, so here is the issue that I have dealing with for the past two to three weeks in several easy steps:


      1.  I play MW3 online for two hours or so, then I quit the game and turn off my system.


      2.  I come back to the PS3, start up MW3, then proceed to "attempt" to play online.


      3.  UPON SELECTING THE "PLAY ONLINE" option in the multiplayer menu I recieve the message box which states, "Connecting to servers..." which remains on the screen for about forty-five seconds to a minute.


      4. After the aforementioned period of time, another box appears (and I know all of you have heard this before): "The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 server is not available at this time.  Please try again later or visit the site for status updates...." The message contains a web address for a MW3 server status page

      which ALWAYS says that the servers are fully operational.


      -This process repeats itself everyday.  I can play for as long as I want, just as long as I do not leave the "play online" portion of the multiplayer.   Sometimes, if I return to the multiplayer screen, the situation as stated above occurs.  If I take a break, maybe play a different game, disconnect from PSN, or turn off my system (really, if I do anything other than play MW3 online), I am faced with this situation of the servers being unavailable.


      -IN ADDITION, people on my friends list with the same ISP, in the same geographic region as me are playing the game while the "...servers are not available...".




      1.  Sign out of PSN, Sign back in to PSN


      2.  Restart system.


      3.  Disable Internet connection, Re-enable internet connection (on system) and register with home wireless again.


      4.  Reset router, check status of cable modem (both are working fine for other online games).


      5.  Utilize multiple NAT types (2 and 3, can't seem to get NAT type 1).  Both types allowed me to play online at some point, but type 2 is more reliable; however, neither solved the problem.


      ***6. Not playing MW3 for 12 hours or more seems to get the online working again, but I am once again limited to only being able to play for one session, if I quit out of online multiplayer, that's it, No more MW3 for that day.


      ***7. RARELY, VERY RARELY, I continuously try to connect to the online multiplayer, after about thirty to forty times of getting the error message which says the servers are unavailable, I am able to connect.


      8.  Re-installing game data/Re-downloading updates/Re-downloading Face-off Maps (the free ones are the only DLC I have, I am NOT Elite Premium).


      -There may be other things I have tried that I don't remember, this has been a long, difficult process for me. 


      -All of the above things did not resolve the problem or were just a temporary fix.  I do not think this is an issue on my end of the bargain, but I may be wrong.  This whole problem is just very sporadic and confusing.  Sometimes, it is not much a problem, but recently it has gotten much, much worse.  I am worried that soon, I will be unable to connect to the servers at all.


      A cookie to the person who can help shed some light on this situation. 


      *****If you are having the same, or similar issue, please comment here as well.  I know there are a good few people out there with the same issue so it would be nice if we could pool all of everyone's thoughts into a one thread.****

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          At least you are able to play for a bit. I have not been able to get into a game for the past few weeks. All it gives me is "the serevers are down.." bs. Irks me terribly. Hope someone can offer some guidance to resolve this issue

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            The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Server is not available this time. Please try again later or visit http://CallOfDuty/mw3/status for updates.......


            I cant play multiplayer at the last 3-4 days.....I have this game for 1 year or maybe more and I had been playing normaly multiplayer but now every time I try to play this message appears to me.... My Wi-Fi  has not a problem or something else because I can play Spec Ops Survival or missions  but not chaos mode (because I haven't bought it) with other players and that means that I play ONLINE.....But why I cant play ONLINE at multiplayer by the time I CAN play online at spec ops? All my other friends can play multiplayer and that means that it wasn't a mistake of tha game that somebody fixed......I am not banned because no one and never had reported me because I don't hack but I cant play!Why?

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              I am having the same issue.


              Could this be due to the high volume of players as stated in this Activision FAQ? Activision Support

              Things i tried:
              Changing region in steam
              Port forwarding
              Turning on NAT
              Turning on uPnP
              turning off firewalls
              Changing Multiplexing method in router to LLC-Based and connection type to ADSL2+ in Netgear router.


              I am OUT of ideas. somehow i think this problem has got nothing to do with my connection settings at all.


              Can somebody PLEASE support us on this issue. this issue has been persisting since MW3 first came out!! and still it is not fix.


              If somebody had warned me that i would waste my money on this crap i would never have bought it.


              and if you guys cant fix the problem, at least let us know you cant, rather that staying completely silent on the issue.

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