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    Whats going on with the Wii?

      I have a video for you guys about how the other consoles are recieving patches and the like for the PS360/PC. Its really not cool that we dont get one. The video is good, but If you guys decide to watch the full video, pay attention to 6:35-6:42.


      Im not complaining that we aren't getting one, i mean, i've already put up with that. Its just not cool that Treyarch or Sledgehammer or whatever doesnt patch ALL their platforms- just the mainstream ones. I mean, why make a game for a console you dont plan to support? The game is broken, with people flying all over the map, or Predator Missiles dropping everywhere, Godmode and dont even get me started on the cluster spawn hack- but then again, its the hackers fault that the game is screwed up. What are your thoughts on this matter?




      See you next mission,