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    Spawn Trapping is Legit

      For some reason, people can't see the difference between spawn trapping, which is a legitimate strategy, and spawn killing, which is bannable. People keep saying that you can get banned for spawn trapping, which has never happened in any CoD game. I know for a fact that it won't ever happen in this game either. Y'know why? Because spawn trapping is recommended by ELITE. Go to https://elite.callofduty.com/improve and click on Domination. You'll get this:


      In general, it’s best to hold and defend only two flags on the map. Having a flag advantage generates points twice as quickly as the opposing team, getting you that much closer to 200. Leaving the opponent with only one flag also has the benefit of determining where downed enemies are likely to respawn. Capturing all three flags should only be done when your team needs to make a comeback or when you’re in full command of the game.


      I wonder how many people have ever read the tips on ELITE?

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          1. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

          Just because its legit doesn't make it a great aspect of the game. That being said, it takes a coordinated team effort to achieve the spawn trap, so there is skill in earning it, even if Spawn killing doesn't take much skill. Just sucks for the poor guy who gets thrown into the match after the people who allowed the trap rage quit.


          One of the reasons I am not a Domination fan.

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            2. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

            When elite came out I did watch all the vids just for the sake of watching it and yup it does say that. They are good vids for newcomers to fps games but anyone who has played cod for a month or so is pretty much wasting their time as its just COD 101.

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              3. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

              A good team will put you in a spawn trap but a better team will get out of one but Unfortunatly you don't often come across the better team.

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                4. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

                OMG! Will somebody please think of the chidlren!

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                  5. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

                  But that's the thing, spawn killing has been punished in Black Ops, and I think I heard of people getting banned for spawn killing in Sabotage on Mission, but the standard spawn trap isn't abusing the spawn system because it's just how the spawns are set up.

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                    6. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

                    Yes while it is legit alot of the times it is unneccesary to do to win the game.Would say 95% of the games i play when in a team against randoms are triple capped. WHY ?. Because going through 3 sets of opposition and having the opposition going for scores of 3/20 or 30 is no good for there game nor for my game and just gives alot of people who constantly play in teams against randoms a false sense of security of just how good they are.Triple capping and still winning by large margins againsts weaker sides is by far  not only more   challenging but also eventually creates a better allround player who can adapt and react quickly to a constantly changing game in a team environment  . My thoughts is all

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                      7. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

                      I've also played with people on our team who always 3-capped just to get that extra 150 points. It caused the enemy team to spawn behind us, shoot us in the back, and triple cap us. I like to use the strategy of only going as far as you need to to ensure a win. It's just odd how so many randoms want to try and cost their team the win by 3-capping, and then camping in a corner somewhere while the rest of the team is trying to regain control of the situation. I understand rushing through the enemy spawn in TDM and KC, but I just won't do that in Dom unless we need that third flag. With the lag compensation, K/D compensation, and bad spawns, I don't want to make this game any harder than necessary.

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                        8. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

                        Yeah in a random side players forcing spawns is a pain in the butt and makes for a harder game,.My reply was more directed against partys or clans that constantly trap a team of randoms when you can easily triple cap and still win by 170 points. Im a big dom fan but honestly most the games played now in a team you have to triple cap to get them to move then go back to the opposite side of the map rinse and repeat.You'll also be surprised at actually how many teams there are out there that cant handel situations where there facing structured chaos

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                          9. Re: Spawn Trapping is Legit

                          Yeah, there are real idiots out there that can't grasp the difference between spawn trapping and killing. I had some kid on this forum a while back that I literally spelled out the differences and why one was legal and one wasn't, and he still didn't get it. They just cling to some tweet from Rubin that goes along the lines of "Dont ruin others gameplay experience." To which I simply ask: Does killing people count as ruining their experience? Close the servers guys, we are all cheaters.

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