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    Treyarch, your negligence continues. What the **** could you possibly be patching that isn't fixing the mods?

      If you even skimmed through the title, you can tell that I am pretty frustrated that Treyarch could be so careless with probably one of the best game in the CoD series.


      First off, I played the game today on August 5th, 2012. I got a 4MB patch. What the hell did that include that didn't fix the game? What could you possibly be fixing that isn't the game breaking issue?


      Of course you can see that you also abandoned the WaW forums because that's your little piece of embarassement. I guess you think "We sure as hell don't have to please the community if we're barely making any money off of the game do we?"


      How much of a chore is it to fix your own pride and joy? It must be harder than making a second Black Ops. I guess that's how the first Black Ops will be once it's sequel comes out.


      I used to be pleased at how Treyarch treats their games so well but now I can't stand to even see that WaW cover anymore because of the amount of bullshit that you people let through it.


      At least your buddies over at Infinity Ward / SledgeHammer actually patches the games they come out with. Of course with the exception of CoD 4 because you both have negligence in common with each other.


      I imagine if any staff over a Treyarch see this message, they may delete it or just not respond because of sheer laziness.


      [Sarcasm]TL;DR, Thanks Treyarch for such a great game![/Sarcasm]


      P.S. The format for a post is really horrible and looks like **** when a new line starts.


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