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    FAD is the new FAMAS


      I used a token many prestige's ago to unlock this gun but when I reached 1000 kills I put it down. BUT since the last patch, this gun is incredible. Add a silencer and pretty much ANY attachment and you are in business. Anyone else pick this gun up recently since the last patch and notice this? I played with it until gold to make sure it wasn't just a good lag spurt for me and it simply just rocks. Burst fire is recommended for medium to long range but up close, it's freakin' death ray full auto. Finally, a strong contender for the ACR and the MP7.




      Keep it classy folks. I DO NOT WANT THEM TO NERF IT AGAIN!

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          It's definitely a lot better than it used to be.  They fixed the recoil where it used to drift off to the right and up when pinning the trigger some time ago and they upped the damage a little which makes it more useable in CQC.  It now at least contends with the other AR's but I don't know if I'd call it the new FAMAS.  That gun was only equalled by the Commando in my opinion.  But the FAD is definitely more fun to use now than it has ever been.

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            I'm really surprised that people only think this gun is good since the buff... I've had mine gold since long before the hotfix was released and I have to say I just absolutely loved it as it was. It always felt to me like a laser beam and a headshot machine and with extended mags you could just fire it for days.  I'm really intrigued to see what difference has been made to it now!

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              have to agree with you on all points.  it was a good gun before but outclassed by the acr.  NOW it is a equal alternative.  you really do need to pulse fire at long range but it brings people down relatively quick.  I noticed that i do get a ton of headshots, too.  very happy with this gun.  I found that by pulse firing it all the time, I can make that mega clip last a long time.  very happy, indeed.  I will work to gold it out.  I took it from level 1 to level 24 so far since the buff.





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                FAD is a very powerful weapon, one of the top tier weapons now after the patch, but its definitely not OP. If it was a 3HK at all, it would've been OP then. This is my favorite AR, especially in S&D.

                (Only gun in my COD history that I got 20+ Kills with in S&D. And was pre-patch!)

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                  It rocked before the patch, and now is even better, not going to call it the famas though. =) It's always been one of my favorite AR's. Seeing it get a lot more popular now though.

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                    I was always a fan of the FAD. It was my first AR to get 250 headshots and my second AR to reach 2500 kills. After the buff I equipped it again because I havent used it in a while, slapped a silencer on it and now its simply my go to gun for most maps. I dont use it regularly but if Im having trouble or playing against tryhards then it comes out.


                    I still think the ACR is better just because of its long range capabilities, but the FAD is definately a contender for sure.

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                      just played a round on fallen and yes it feels exactly like the FAMAS now even down to long range being its only con, for anything short of sniper/ACR range it completely destroys now even with a silencer thanks to its 4HK at all ranges and with the headshot multiplyer of x1.7 its insane,


                      can't wait for the nurf the FAD threads IW really knows how to go from one extream to another (PM-9 a better example of that though)

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                        Going against that gun isn't going to make me rage. I hope they don't nerf it. I especially loved it when they buffed the PM-9, one of the most underused guns in the entire game.