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    I have an old account that I'm using, I changed the email and it shows as a new account. Any help?

      The basic info is in the title.


      I've had an account since 2008 and I changed the email that receives all the notifications, but after I did that it shows me as a new user.


      The system is using the same name that I made almost four years ago but wont recognize it as the original one.


      The strange thing is is that whenever I go into my account, it shows all the old stats for my account, but when I click on the username from a post it takes me to the 'new' account.


      I was wondering whether or not others were having this issue and if they figured out how to fix it.


      I remember when Black Ops was coming out there were some forum issues and you had to delete cookies in your browser, is there some similar fix to this?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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