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    This is just......CRAZY!


      http://cleveland.cbslocal.com/2012/08/08/teenager-hospitalized-after-playing-vid eo-games-for-4-straight-days/


      This just crazy. 4 days straight?!?!?!?! I don't know how in the name of zues's b$%%hole you could play for 4 days straight. Obviously this is TERRIBLE parenting but what do you ladies and gents think? Do we have a disease??


      Keep it classy folks.

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          He must've been addicted TOO much to MW3.

          But how? What was he doing/playing on MW3 for 4 whole days?

          Wonder what his K/D ratio is.

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            Either his parents do not care what he does or were not around to know that he had not stopped playing the game.


            Hope the parents get some legal backlash for this especially if the person is under 18.


            Who knows could go as far as how Blizzard has a time limit when playing games like D2 where if you play for too long they kick you off the servers for different periods of time.


            Play 24 hours straight you get an 8 hour ban from the servers.

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                Well, I agree that this is extremely excessive and that the parents should never have procreated because obviously they don't know how to raise a kid. In my mind, regulating time like that may be seen as intrusive but then again, even after how much I play, there is no way I could play for 24 hours STRAIGHT. So, I guess I would be down with that to keep the real weirdo's from playing too much. Then again, this could be viewed as a "Darwin" situation but the kids parents are the ones that are idiots IMO.

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                LOL.Go to sleep. He was boosting?