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    What happened? Out with the old, in with the new..ouch. A story about the community.

      I guess my thoughts can be easily summed up by this commentary......


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDYGLBdbpLU&list=UUVaD-JZRUxE0NegwHTWD8tg&index=1 &feature=plcp


      Wtf happened to the community? Its just not the same with MW3....it feels so different. Ever since MW3 came out, it has had its problems. Thing is, it wasnt like black ops, were most problems were getting fixed and we were getting constant patching up until May, when support was dropped. Many of my allies quit during MW3 because of how much rage the game caused them. Back in black ops.....damn, so many awesome memories. Matches for days. I used to play BO nearly every day, i just loved the game no matter how mad it made me sometimes. I remember clutching out Demoliton and domination matches, helping out clan members get marathon pro in CTF, having fun playing DefendTheHouse in nuketown.....in MW3, its just not the same. Most of the BO community fell apart. Its just not the same..... the clan that I took over after grom raged quit, DMC (don't tell grom I own DMC), fell apart. It had fallen apart before....it used to be called TNH until drama in the clan caused it to be torn apart. Of course, even after that, DMC was still a pretty decent clan full of great members. Its just not the same......i can't express it with words.


      I mostly made the thread so you guys can see the great commentary that BumbleBii has made in the CORNER CAMPERS PODCAST CHANNEL (don't take it down foxy ).


      Really great commentary....I suggest you guys go listen to it while eating cookies.


      So that this thread can be on topic with MW3 somehow.....


      What is your favorite song to listen to while writing threads about patches or DLC? (inside joke ftw....)