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    Hacker Conversation

      Im just gonna jump into this: I recently got a Headbanger headset, and i went into SnD to play a few rounds. Naturally, there is a group of hackers with mics, so i find this as a perfect opportunity to talk to them. Here's the conversation we had.

      A= Me (Im 17, so picture some kind of voice)

      B=Sounds like a nine year old (Perfect parenting...)

      C=Sounds like he's 16-17 with a slightly deep voice(almost like nintendon't -no offense bro )

      BTW. B-C were both hackers.


      The game ends, and we're in a lobby..

      A: Nice game guys, though that Pred Missile you guys brought in was bs. (i chuckle a bit) *NOTE: We won the match

      B:That Pred Missile was bs! Shut the f**k up.

      A: Whoa...cool down there potty mouth.

      C: You cool down. Who the hell are you to get mad at us? We hack to get better, and some b***h like you decides to kick our butts like that- THEN talk smack?

      A: I was trying to be friendly...

      B: I was trying to be friendly!!

      C: *laughs

      A: Oookay..

      B: F**k you you sorry jack***, im gonna turn on godmode now, and kill all of you! Im so MLG!

      A:......This coming from the 3 year old running around with FMG9 Akimbo/Extended Mags..

      B: Im not three dip****

      A: Your mother should wipe your mouth out with soap...

      C: How about i wipe yours with my ****

      A:....Um...Thats not even a tempting offer.

      B: Screw you, im demoting you! You have ten seconds!

      A. Ha. You can't demote- they fixed that.

      C: Ever heard of a USB Gecko?

      A: You paid 70 dollars to hack a game system filled with young children? Pathetic.

      C: W..well.. So! Im still gonna demote you!

      B: Yeah, Demote him!

      A: You know what? Im just gonna play something else.

      C:Go away you jerk! I swear  to goodness if i see you again, im gonna demote you!

      A: Ooh. Im SO scared... *i leave the lobby



      This happened earlier yesterday. I dont even believe the amount of garbage that goes on in this game. Whats your thoughts?