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    Ever notice when you're doing well with a certain weapon....

      that people start copying your set up?


      Started using the Spas-12 for the first time since last November/December when I first hit max proficiency with it.  I was terrible with it back then because I hadn't learned that you need to hip fire the pump-actions with Steady Aim.  Anyhow, I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I decided to put the silencer on the Spas-12 and play a bit of a sneaky-shotty game.  It actually turned out to be really effective - the silencer didn't seem to do any harm to my one-shot capabilities or to the effective range either.  After a couple of games of doing surprisingly well, next thing I know there are about 5 silent spas shotguns in the room.  They must have thought the gun had been buffed or something


      So has anyone else ever had that effect on the lobby when using a set up that is rarely seen?