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    "Face Off" in Black Ops 2

      As most of you MW3 fans should know MW3 came out with a new game mode called "Face Off" where you play with much smaller teams than usual such as 3v3, 2v2, and for you lone wolfs 1v1. I personally like the Face Off game mode because it gives me the option to play by myself against other players and play with 1 or 2 of my friends that makes a whole team and lets me not have to worry about randoms all the time. It also can be more competitive in a sense and that's right up my alley. But it's also just a fun game mode and something else to play. With that being said I really would like "Face Off" to be in Black Ops 2. What do you guys think?

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          Nah, it was an IW/sledgehammer thing.. it should stay with there games only


          plus with have zombies so I dont think many people would play faceoff

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            Mixed feelings about this.


            I like the concept of Faceoff, especially 1v1. I thought 2v2 was OK, but 3v3 was pushing it on those maps.


            My issues with FaceOff as it stands-

            1)Spawns- The spawns are beyond terrible. Its supposed to be a match of skill, but instead all one needs to do on many of the maps is know two spawn points. Aground was the biggest joke I have ever seen. You shouldn't be able to "spawn trap" in a 1v1. Ridiculous.


            2) Campy gameplay- While some people play within the spirit of the game, too many just plop down a Portable Radar, equip SRP, and lay down in a corner. Played a match the other day where I looked around Erosion for the first 3 minutes, checking every corner, couldn't find the guy. Stumbled across him finally and got killed. I went back to where he killed me and looked around. He was laying in a corner against a wall... prone and facing the wall, as deep in the corner as you can get. I knifed him for the kill. The rest of the match was just him sitting in dark corners. Embarassing that people play that way.


            3)Killstreaks- Its supposed to be player on player in the truest sense, why do they need to include killstreaks? Keep it gun on gun.


            4)Quitters- 95% of matches end because as soon as a player starts to lose, they dashboard. Its become a joke, quite frankly.


            IF they bring it back, and I am hoping that they concentrate on giving us more Multiplayer modes and maps and not on maps specifically for a certain game mode, I hope they make some changes.


            1) Don't waste DLC content on FaceOff Maps. Make it work like the Wager Matches, use existing maps condensed. Wager matches used regular maps but blocked areas off and forced the action.


            2) Make it a Barebones/Pure style playlist. NO killstreaks, NO Equipment, NO Weapon attachments. Take it a step further and have no perks. Perhaps can even do it like specialist, you get perks as you get kills. OR have random drops around the map that give players perks. This would discourage camping as you would need to pick up perks rather than start with them.


            Its meant to be gun on gun. Take away the frills and let it be a contest of skill.


            3)Make a stat for games completed- Everytime you go into a match it counts as a game started. You only get a "Game Completed" if you stay in the room until the match is over. This punishes DashBoarders, who will count up their Games Started stat, which will be much higher than their games completed. It won't stop Dashboarding completely... but it will help you identify those who do it regularly.


            4)Offer core and HC modes.


            I won't be sad if it doesn't come back. If they do bring it back, I hope they give it much more thought than IW did.

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              Only if they use smaller versions of the regular maps like the first Black Ops with Wager Matches did.

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                I'd settle for a 3v3 team tac. :] Loads of fun in CoD4, personally. Games fill quicker, and are over quicker. I'll take what I'm given though.

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                  I loved the 2v2 and 3v3 Face Off matches. Me and a buddy or two could play alone against other. It is way more competitive and youre not on a map that takes ten years to get across. And there arent 60 people running around on a map. It was a little more personal. Its all we ever did on COD3. I especially liked it when it was just Kill Confirmed and Team Deathmatch. We had fun. I am sort of hoping it comes to Black Ops 2 soon as well. And hopefully with 2 maps. Basically the same set up of COD3. I did not care much for 1v1 or 4v4. I did like how the maps were smaller. You win some and lose some. But never totally get blown out. Besides, oddly enough, Im not the biggest fan of the Zombies aspect. I never play it. PLEASE BRING 2v2 and 3v3 to BO2 with their own mini maps!! PLEASE!! But hey, this is just one guys opinion. Well mine and my buddies. But I suppose its different for us because we play on PS3. Just saw this forum and loved that someone else thought like me. 

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                    God no. Face off was trash, boosters paradise, quickscopers paradise, stay in MW3.

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                      To NoLifeKing23s quickscopers paradise you can do that in any game mode and map plus you'll always have people complain about camping or hardscoping or noob tubeing and even the whole spawn locking thing its just as bad in blops 2 and to the original post I do agree I really hate all the randoms who play that I don't care to know and whom 90% of the time suck ass my k/d is 1.35 so i'm a pretty good player while when I play with randoms they end negative while I go postitive I never know whom has my back on top of that in hardcore you get allies who Tbag your face while you snipe so if you shoot through them to kill an enemy they die and you get killed by that ally happens to often and in the case of 3v3 at least its with friends and really small teams so its funner to do that stuff I love sniping so agroung in mw3 was my fave cause it was open whilst having places for people to use as cover but in BLOPs2 there isn't really a map for sniping if you look at the maps they didn't try really its mostly from the campaign but 3v3 can change my view on the game for the fact of I can choose to only play with friends and not some kid who plays music through his head set or when you play small teams with people you know its easier to coordinate movement and attacks.

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                        Screw "Faceoff". All it did for me was waste my ELITE subscription by providing terrible maps I never play.

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                          wasn't a fan of face-off and felt ripped off last year when they put them in as part of the dlc instead of proper multipyer maps.


                          BO2 is perfect for it tho as it stands - the maps are so bloody small. they wouldn't have to change much

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                            Face Off in MW3:  It quickly became my favorite game choice for MW3.  It was fast paced, competitive and in your face.  For me, most of the tense/exciting & rewarding matches have been in Face Off.  I believe that is because the games just become more personal and engaged.


                            Maps: Erosion and Aground were my favorites.  The maps were perfect for small teams and fast paced game play.

                            Modes:  TDM, KC & CTF rocked for Face Off matches. Other game modes like SD & Domination were not that fun for Face Off, IMO.

                            Requests:  Please, Please, Please, bring Face Off to Black Ops 2 and every future COD game.  Please, just do it!! 

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                              Please Bring FACE OFF Back!! game mode was awsome!!!!