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    3 Months left in the official life cycle of MW3. What would you like to see added?

      So what can The powers that be give us the community to liven the game up a little?


      No i am not talking about to fix lag or nerf something. I am asking the community in here to post some suggestions for the powers that be that control MW3 Multiplayer and maybe add some new things in. I have no complaints and am enjoying the game, But it has gotten boring as of late. They made it very repetitive going through 20 prestiges. So much so i think it sucked a lot of the fun out of it.  Now that i have officially hit 20th prestige, i would love to see some new stuff injected into this game.


      maybe some new game modes?


      Leaderboards in community playlist's?


      Changing infection weapons?


      Groundwar game mode changes?


      Some faceoff maps in regualr game mode rotations?


      Possibly a all new type of playlist?


      I would love to have something new to play for to get me through until november. PLEASE NOTE, DONT SAY MORE PRESTIGES!. I cant take doing it anymore