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    Bots in Split Screen. (Multiplayer Simulator)

      I am about to move, to a place with no internet connection. So im gonna have to go without playing MW3 multiplayer for awhile. So i must ask: Is it possible you guys could put bots in the Split Screen? It would give people, who may end up in the stituation that im in, to be able to get their dose of MW3. Even without the internet connection. Since you could prestige like normal in Split Screen, this would be a really good idea. Black Ops kinda got it right, but they dropped the ball when you couldnt prestige. Bassically a "Multiplayer Simulator" if you will. I would love this, and im not the only one. Hell, allow players to prestige in Spec Ops and that would be almost as good, but not quite. Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you take what i have laid on the table for you into consideration.