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    New Guitar Heros Coming Out?

      Please tell me there are going to be more guitar heros! i looked in the game informer magazine and there was a page saying Rock Band 3 is coming out. I was furious. That should be guitar hero on that page.Guitar Hero beats Rock band any day. For example: if you go into gamestop rockbamd is a dollar or two. Guitar Hero is up to 17 bucks (depending on which one but there all higher then 10 bucks.. atleast here were i live.) Guitar Hero is my favorite game ever. Seriously. Guitar has always been totaly awesome but they had just got even awesomer and then the makers said there going to stop making them because of the competition or something. No! i would do anything to bring that game back. Heck, i would handwrite please 1million times just so they would bring the game back. (If they have really gone. Thats what it says if you look it up. and if im wrong about anything feel free to correct me.) Anyways, if anyone knows anything or has answers, let me know.

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          Sorry to bring your hopes to an abrupt end, but Guitar Hero has been dead ever since April 2011. That was the day Guitar Hero TRULY died, as the last month-based track pack was released that year.


          People these days are still coming up with ideas on how to bring back Guitar Hero, and you can do the same.


          There is speculation somewhere that two brand new GH games are supposed to be released this coming Winter season.


          I sure hope that it's either a reboot or a sequel to WoR.


          People are even coming up with custom setlists for a future game! You can do the same too!


          Just hope to the God of Rock that there will be two new, and GOOD Guitar Hero games this winter.


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            They might reboot the series in a few years if the neversoft beat this guy who is sueing them in court

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              Same here, I would literally do or give anything just for another guitar hero but I have no clue whether ActiVision will make another one.:(