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    Trophy System needs a return.


      After playing MW3, I've found the Trophy System to be invaluable. Flashbangs are a Reconners best friend, objective players swear by Tac Inserts but for me I'm whipped by the Trophy System. I cannot live without this thing. Whenever I use any other tactical device, I feel naked. This thing will hardly net you a kill(I've gotten a few kills with it but it's incredibly rare) but it will save your life a plenty. This thing protects you from everything under the sun from flash bangs to C4 to predator missiles to AGMs to RPGs. This thing is essential if you wish to stay alive while capturing just about anything or if you are defending a piece of land. Despite it's power, it's balanced by the fact it's only got two shotgun shells. Use it sparingly.


      I like playing objective modes and I like to pursue them while still trying to maintain a streak, and with strike packages seemingly gone, there will be no Support strike package so having a tool like the Trophy will be in high demand.


      After playing so much MW3, I've gotten used to it so much and I really hope it returns. It is very powerful, but it is often overlooked in favor of the tried and true flashbang or stun grenade. Not that I blame them. However, nothing is more funny than seeing "Commandant Oreo Destroyed Predator Missile"

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          i only ever found it usefull for dropzone or team defender i prefer to use stuns myself.


          the thing that gets me about it that it stops airbourne projectiles right i get that but how the hell does the blast from the main gun of the ac-130 or even the predator missile still not kill you after the trophy has done its job

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            MMhhm But I dont really use the Trophy system I see what you mean

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              I don't have an objection to seeing it return, but I haven't seen anything to indicate that it will. I think it helped cut down on some of the Tube and Rocket Spam in MW3, and I think I fully appreciated its use when I played my rare matches on Objective modes. It was almost impossible to Cap a Flag in Dom without one set up.


              My issue with it comes in modes like TDM, where a Team will sit in one area and set up several Trophies in one area, then sit in corners in that area. Makes for terrible gameplay. But, I do have to say I got some hilarious reactions when I chucked my EMP grenade, took out the Trophy, followed immediately by my frag, killing the camper who was counting on its protection. Classic rage.


              If it comes back, fine, but wouldn't miss it if it were gone either. I use it on one class, usually when I use a burst fire or single shot rifle as I tend to not run around the board like I usually do with those.

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                Definitely liked the Trophy System, have it all my classes but it can be so inconsistant at times when it comes to blocking Predator Missiles:




                Wouldn't mind if it came back in Black Ops 2.