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      For the assault shield will anyone be able to pick it up when the player places it or just the player? Because if it's just them then they can just corner trap people with it..


      Will wild cards count towards the "pick 10"?


      How will ghost work? Do you appear as soon as you stop and there's a UAV up or what?

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          Also, for the new level token system. What if you don't want to prestige or decide to stop prestiging? You only get 55 per prestige and there are over 100 unloackables, will you keep past ones or be able to gain new tokens or what?

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              *Note* I do not know 100%, but I do know a bit.


              1) I'd wager that you cannot pick up a shield once it's placed. I'd ask someone who's played and used it, or find a video demonstrating the shield.


              2) A wild card costs 1 point. For example, Perk 1 Greed (a wildcard) costs 1 point, and the second perk you get from it also costs 1 point. So, to get a second perk in the same tier, you need to spend 2 points, instead of 1.


              3) If there is a UAV up and you have Ghost, you need to be on the move to stay off the radar. I'm not 100% sure if that means you can't stay in one area for too long (say a 10ftx10ft square) or literally not moving to show up while wearing Ghost.


              4) I'm pretty sure the devs have said that you cannot unlock everything at the same time. Maybe it was that you cannot unlock everything all at the same time in one prestige. I'm not entirely sure. So maybe by your 3rd prestige you can have everything unlocked, or maybe it resets everytime you prestige.

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