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    Not alot of good perks in Black ops 2.

      I dont think the perk tiers look very balanced.


      With SOH and steady aim not perks now but attachments, theres not alot of balancing perks along beside the likes of Ghost or dead silence.


      I think alot of people wont use tier 2, as the only thing half good is scavenger. And tier 3 has Dead silence and aweaness, but nothing else attractive.


      SOH and steady aim should have been perks, to make it a little harder to use the other powerful perks, right now im thinking most people will run Ghost and hardline from tier 1, and Dead silence from Tier 3. and many will forget teir 2. I may use scavenger and drop my secondary tho.


      Stalker would have a been a nice balancer in their some where, but with Treyarch on the crusade toward being Battlefield, Stalker was considered to fun to include.