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    Capturing DOM points


      more often then not i dont hear a dom point being captured by an opponent.
      now is this just a server/lag issue or is there a perk/loadout that can help you capture it without notifying the opponent???
      any suggestions ?

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          It is lag.


          I have had it happen where it is announced that we are losing a point after it has already been lost.


          Other examples:

          - Getting specialist bonuses on respawn, but not getting the bonus because I got them before I died

          - Getting damaged on spawn with nobody firing at me (was a left over shot from before I died - proof: spawning in front of a wall on the border of the map and the damage direction came from behind me"

          - I had a vid in my fileshare where I was hiping firing a juggernaut, died, then on respawn heard a headshot "ting" and a message came up that I killed the juggernaut

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              Lol the number of times that I've been shot in the back only to hear after I've died that the enemy is taking the flag behind me.  Or vice versa when I kill a guy at the flag, start to leave and then it says the enemy is taking the flag.  So I turn around and nobody is there.  It would be nice if that information was coming out more timely.

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              It's the lag OP, nothing can be done.  It's happened to me so many times I don't think I could ever keep track of the number. 

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                  hahhahhahaha thats what i was thinking.


                  often i respond at A, i dont hear anything, when im almost near B i hear A got captured.
                  also more often then not  when you hear you are loosing B and you rush there, you suddenly see you lost C but never even heard it being captured lol.


                  So pissed they removed HQ from hardcore.
                  only mode i enjoy playing besides dropzone lol.


                  ah well got to live with this crap hahaha.


                  tnx guys

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                  It only announces if you are losing it,if you only hold one point. If you hold 2 points,it will not announce you are losing it,but the point you are losing will flash on screen. Thats when i detonate my C4 usually. Pay attention to the screen and you will see for yourself.

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                      hmmm intresting point.
                      never paid attention to that lol


                      to bad im a throphy guy because of all the silly grenade and rocket spammers hahhahado


                      i do know about the flashing btw but because i run and gun alot i rarely am focused on the points


                      tnx for the heads up.

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                          it happens quite a bit... what you should pay more attention to is whether the objective marker is flickering.  This will always tell you that someone is trying to cap your flag.  Paying attention to whether the objective marker is flickering or solid will also keep you from walking into an ambush when someone pretends to cap your flag and then hides away from the objective hoping to catch you rushing back to defend. 

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                        Wait until you are losing one or already capping one, then go to cap and it wont announce it.

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                          ^ what sennalike said. If your capping, or losing a flag and you jump on another 1 at the same time, it won't announce it. Only shows the flag flashing. I think I read that somewhere...

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                            I think if you use dead silence, it won't announce you're trying to capture a flag.  The flag still flashes though.