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    What does the Internet think?

      I discovered an interesting website called whatdoestheinternethink.net. It takes a word or phrase you enter and evaluates whether it is generally viewed as something postive or negative - based upon searching through the vast expanses of teh interwebz.


      I entered a few things in and here are the results. Most items I searched had a percentage that was indifferent, but it was usually a miniscule number so I left it out for time's sake. Anyways, search things yourself and post them here!



      Positive: 32.2%

      Negative: 67.8%


      Infinity Ward:

      Positive: 4%

      Negative: 96%



      Positive: 38.8%

      Negative: 61.2%



      Positive: 85%

      Negative: 15%



      Positive: 23.7%

      Negative: 65.8%



      Positive: 53.4%

      Negative: 45.2%


      Positive: 100%

      Negative: 0%


      The Netherlands:

      Positive: 93.3%

      Negative: 6.3%


      Hilter (remember, this is what the internet thinks, so this shouldn't actually be a shock):

      Positive: 45%

      Negative: 54.3%

      Indifferent: 0.6%


      This thread:

      Positive: 76.6%

      Negative: 19.9%



      So those are just a few things I searched, feel free to post your own. I realize that the site is still in beta and there could be flaws in it's calculations, but the results are interesting nonetheless.


      Here's the link: