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    Tank Dempsey to be in Black Ops 2!

      This was confirmed yesterday when Steven Blum (The voice actor of Tank Dempsey) wrote on his blog something along the lines of "I am going to be playing Tank Dempsey in Black Ops 2 URRAAA!" (We don't know his exact words beacuse activision got it taken down) And anyway Steven Blum's wikipedia page got updated saying he was playing the voice of Tank Dempsey in Black Ops 2. Apparently there was also a "leaked" easter egg or achievment named "Stand on your own grave". If all this is true, it would only make sense to see our original zombies characters standing on their own graves after they died in a war or something. I'm not sure if all this is true, but it has a chance that it is really true, and also I was never expecting our original zombies characters to be back playing major roles in the game of Black Ops 2. We'll just have to wait and see . Please tell me what you think down in the comments below and happy Call of Duty!