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          Re: If Treyarch does Release Cod Zombies Trailer (Gameplay or Story line)

          I'd like to see them pick up where story left off... If the orginal characters are back, how did they get off the moon or better yet, how is the Earth still fine after the missles? Lol.


          Would like to know.

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            Re: If Treyarch does Release Cod Zombies Trailer (Gameplay or Story line)

            I don't care about storyline, just game mechanics.  Treyarch keeps boasting about all the new features and has yet to explain ANY OF THEM!


            Why don't I care about storyline?  Let me give an example.  How many people play Campaign?  How many people play MP?  How many people know the backstory to MP?  See my point?


            Most people do not care about the back story of the players, only the distinct characterists.  They do not care why someone drinks a lot, only that he makes jokes about it.  Have a story, fine!  Have Steven Speilberg write it, I don't care.  If Zombies sucks then that's on Treyarch, no questions asked.


            Back to the point of game mechanics.  With any new feature people need to know HOW to use it.  Then the majority has to agree that the mechanic satisfies a need in a way that is enjoyable.


            Here are two different solutions to one problem.  Problem: Seemingly infinite health for zombies after Round 40.


            Solution #1:  Have a PaPX2 system designed to kill zombies with more powerful weapons, just as PaP did in Der Reise.  A Natural evolution of the game, continuing the FPS experience that is KILLING zombies!


            Solution #2: Have different kinds of traps.  This could be acid, nuclear, fire, electricity, etc.  This discourages people from SHOOTING ZOMBIES IN A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER!  Traps are not guns.  They do not work like guns.  They do not give points.  They cost money and don't give points in return.  They don't add kills.  Nothing of value is added, only a different looking mechanism that does the same thing.


            There lies the confusion.  We do not know HOW they will implement the new mechanisms, only that they will in a way they choose.  The same goes for storyline.  We know that the game will take place in 2025, but know nothing of our Four Friends stuck in the 1960s.  How will they jump Four people 60 years in to the future?  Probably Time Travel.  Who's the girl on the poster?  Idk.  Will Solid Snake ever become a zombie character...probably not.  Find out next time on the next DRAGON BALL Z!

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