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      For the people that are complaining abouT the hardened edition. Please stop being so damn!

      I guarantee that Nuketown zombies is going to be added as a map pack after the game comes out. Obviously is going to be sold as the other Map packs.

      I don't know why you people are crying.



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          I don't wanna' wait a year like I had to with the WaW maps.

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            Proof? The only reasonable assumption would be that Treyarch continues as they did with Black Ops: add bonus maps to the special editions of the game and allow the people who bought the base version of the game to purchase it near the end of the DLC season.


            If anyone's the idiot, you are for making a claim without anything to back it up.

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              I dought they will make a DLC for that, It would be kind of pointless making a DLC for one map. They may but i dont think they will.

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                I don't think they will make the Nuketown Zombie map DLC.  It doesn't make sense.  The biggest draw to the Hardened and Prestige Edition are the Zombie maps.  Take that out and NO ONE would buy them.  They would simply wait for the DLC.


                Wait and see at launch.  I bet there will be like 1.5k people in Nuketown Zombies and like 25k in whatever map they have for launch.  That is, of course, if they are not going FULL MP!  They could and you play whatever map gets voted on.  LAME!  I could totally see this happening.

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                    I hope not Daking. I dont play with randoms in zombies anyways. I only play with friends that I can trust to have fun with it, and stick to the objectives (easter eggs) of the map. I only play with randoms when none of my friends are on. I do believe that Nuketown zombies will be available to some point to everybody else who didnt get the hardened or care package editions of the game. If you chose not to upgrade to at least the hardened edition then you have no reason to cry. It's only $20.00 more and you get a ton of content. You get the steel book case, the 2 challenge coins, two playercards, two avatar items, nuketown 2025, and nuketown zombies all for 20 bucks more. Simple fix, preorder the hardened edition for 20 bucks more, and have it the night of the midnight launch.

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                        i want nuketown zombies but that would mean im paying 20-30 extra which im not doing for one map, and i cant seem to pre-order it in the UK yet, it'll more than likely come out as DLC later, Nuketown is such a popular map and they said in the vid us fans wanted it and yet there singaling most of the fans out as only handful of people buy the other editions

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                      Yeh im really not bothered, im not paying an extra £30 for 1 zombie map & a couple avatar/costume crap.


                      i'm just going to get the standard and use the £30 you lot are paying for 1 map to renew my elite subscription.. If it does come as a dlc great.. if not, oh well, i'll just play the other zombie maps with the majority of people who are'nt dumb enough to waste their money.



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                        I'm pretty sure they said it's going to be like Five, so once you  complete the campaign you will unlock, it's just an added bonus to unlock it before playing campaign.

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                          Maby theyll make another mappack for it like they did with rezurrection where you would just have to redownload the mappack to get the original maps if you already had it and if you didnt you pay 15 dollars

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                            I totally think what your saying is true, but Treyarch said that the only way to get Nuketown Zombies is to buy the Hardened or Care Package Edition. Although they have said that in the future.