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        So tonight was the big night!  What did you guys think of the pilot episode?


        I thought it was alright.  They did a really good job with the references and making it feel like this is the same world as the Avengers without doing the "you just missed Iron Man!" shtick.  I smiled at the action figures, haha.  The storyline with Mike was pretty interesting as the normal guy that gets powers and how he changes through the course of the episode.  I like the revelation about his powers was interesting and steps up a good storyline to be explored though the details of what "centipede" seemed a bit over the top.  Where the show really let me down was the agents themselves.  I couldn't get into any of them and it seemed like most of em had this arrogant smugness to them, especially Coulson.  I didn't feel like there was any chemistry between the cast outside of maybe Fitz and Simmonds, though they just argue really fast with each other.  I was kinda interested in Melinda May, who was pretty downplayed in the episode though its clear she has some backstory there.  The dialogue could be rough in some sports, like the turd joke, and Coulson's speech.  The special effects didn't look bad though and it seems like they got a decent budget.  I'll give it a few more episodes to try to settle in.  Hopefully they can work out the issues with the main cast to make em a bit more likeable and interesting.

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          The pilot episode was pretty good.  I'l definitely be tuning in to future episodes (although I will probably resort to watching them either online or on demand since it's hard watching it live when it's just before the kids' bedtimes and the start getting a little crazy.)  My younger daughter did watch a little with me and asked "is this Marvel? (I think that was her way of asking if it was "The Avengers")  Where's Hulk?".  I liked the ways they tied in with the MCU with references to stuff like the super soldier serum and Extremis.  I am pretty intrigued with the story behind Coulson's resurrection and hope it pays off during the rest of the season.  The cast is pretty good, but it was hard to get a real feel for all of them during one episode.  I like what I've seen so far though.

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            I think they made it pretty clear, at least for comic fans, that Coulson is gonna end up an LMD given Maria Hill's line that he can "never know" the truth.  If it was something like Dr Strange bringing him back from the dead I don't think they'd keep it a secret since Coulson was already bragging how he stopped breathing for 40 seconds after getting stabbed by Loki.  I think being a LMD would be something they'd keep from him since finding out the real Coulson died and the alive Coulson is just a robot copy could freak him out.  Plus the way Coulson dodged the flying door coulda been a hint that he doesn't have normal human reflexes. 

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              So, I got a chance to watch the pilot this afternoon, and it was pretty cool!  My favorite part was when Coulson stepped out of the shadows and then talked about how he just couldn't resist stepping out of a dark corner like that.  In general, I really thought they did a good job of not taking themselves too seriously, which is a key for me in any show.  Coulson was especially fun, and I liked the part with Skye and Michael in the diner, too, where she basically went all comic geek on him.  I would've liked to get some kind of explanation of just what Fitz and Simmons did to cure Michael other than "science magic," though I wonder if that's partially due to how much they had to fit into the episode. 


              Other random notes: I liked the action figures, too, though I was disappointed Clint didn't have his classic purple costume.  I know, it wouldn't make any sense, but Widow had her classic comic costume in it even though she didn't have hers in the movie.  Skye's description of what comes with great power is probably something Spidey would actually agree with.  Also, Coulson's car flies!


              So, yeah, I thought it was a fun episode, and I'm definitely looking forward to watching more!

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                Haha, yeah, I noticed that the Widow figure was her in the classic outfit.  I don't think they released a classic Clint in the movie line of figures though.  I know they did have an Ultimate Hawkeye which came with guns, cause I saw it at the store, but I think that would just confuse people.

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                  That's just wrong.  Ultimate Hawkeye's so lame.  Why would they pick that over the awesome purple costume?!  It couldn't possibly be because lots of people don't like the classic purple costume (thought I'll never understand why)!  That would be using logic!

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                    Haha, well, its the Hawkeye costume from volume three when it is purple with the big H on the chest and the bullseye on the forehead.  It's a bit of a departure from classic Hawkeye or even movie Hawkeye.  I think they draw Ultimate Clint like Renner now anyway, I know they gave him brown hair.

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                      Enjoyed the show overall but it was a little rough in spots but that is to be expected in the early episodes. The first few episodes are always kind of hit and miss as the writers get a feel for the characters and the actors start to feel more comfortable in their roles.


                      Could Coulson be clone? That is my thought.


                      Now that they have the introductions out of the way they can start to give us some backstory on the different characters to give them depth. I did like how Coulson got the paranoid Skye to trust him by giving the serum to action guy that was pretty funny. I did like there use of humor throughout and Rogue I liked Coulson coming out of the dark corner, "I think a light is out", pretty funny.


                      Definitely will continue to watch as it has a chance to be a really good show.

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                        SERIOUSLY HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD!





                        The second episode aired today and I'd say it was a definite improvement from the pilot.  The dialogue was cleaned up and they found a better balance of humor and seriousness.  There wasn't any moments were I thought they were trying too hard to be cute, like was the case in the pilot.  The characters were also given more space to feel natural.  It wasn't as forceful of showing you the archetypes of each character, ala Ward is serious action guy, Fitz-Simmons are quirky super geniuses, Sky is the rebellous hacker, etc.  I still think there is a lot of character development to be done with the characters, they were still working off the templates.  We know why they qualify for the team, but hopefully we learn more about them outside of their brains or muscles.  We did get an interesting bit about Coulson and his old flame though (even if Clark Gregg can't do sexual tension, haha).  I also wish they weren't telegraphing the impending Skye and Ward romance so early.  I'd rather they give it a few episodes to establish the characters outside of a relationship first, especially when this is the type of show where ya don't really need a romance subplot.  But this was all several steps above what we got in the pilot and it's just minor gripes at this point.


                        What I was a bit disappointed with though, is I thought the plot wasn't all too interesting to me.  I loved how it started off, showing SHIELD is international by popping into Peru and finding the mystery MacGuffin attached to the wall in the temple.  Coulson's Old Flame turning on him was expected and the bickering-team-has-to-put-aside-differences-to-save-the-day angle wasn't executed in a way that did anything for me.  The MacGuffin turning out to be some old HYDRA toy was a bit of a letdown too, was hoping it'd be cooler.  Again, the show looks like it has a decent budget to do some cool stuff, but the writing has yet to hit the mark for me.  Next week is Pre-Graviton Graviton though, so I'm hopeful for something awesome!


                        Oh, and the Sam Jackson cameo?  Easily the best 30 seconds of the show so far.  I think this was the most Fury has ever felt like Fury.

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                          Spoilers here!


                          "It's got a bar.  A really nice bar!"  That Fury scene at the end was pure gold! haha, Jackson played it awesomely right down the line between being in charge and being hilarious.  Just pure gold. 


                          Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool episode.  It was especially cool to get a little more of May in the episode (though she could still use a bit more screen time) being awesome.  At the moment where everyone's arguing about how to escape and she just breaks out and takes out the guard in like 3 seconds, I yelled out, "She's Black Panther!"  Seriously, she reminds me of the EMH version of him, being the one who doesn't talk too much but always one-ups everyone.  Fitz and Simmons were pretty good, too, and it makes sense that they'd be freaking out about being in crazy gunfights.  They're not trained for that, after all, and Fitz's line about how he should've learned kung-fu was great.  Coulson was great as always, and Skye was decent.  I kinda expected her to have a more fun outsider's perspective on all of it, but she mostly talked about how great Twitter is.  I thought she was better in the first episode when she was all excited about Michael's superpowers and stuff.  Ward was probably the weakest one, I think.  He plays everything a little too straight, I think.  He needs something to make him more interesting than just "the dude that can fight" since May does that better and is so much cooler, in my opinion. 


                          So now that I'm done ranting about the characters, I should mention the other stuff.  I'm hoping we see more than just references to the Marvel movies with some of the stuff they investigate.  Some new stuff and some stuff pulled from the comics would be nice, you know?  Toning down on the references to movie Avengers would be nice, too, since we don't need a reference every episode to each character, but that's a pretty minor thing.  Also, I loved the nod to Coulson's collecting habits.  Reminded me of his Captain America trading cards! 


                          Overall, a pretty fun episode with a few things that could be improved, and I'm looking forward to maybe-possibly-eventually-Graviton next week. 

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