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        Haha, I thought of EMH Black Panther when May said that line too.  Yeah, Ward gets underscored by filling the same role as May as the badass action hero without having the mystery surrounding him that May does.  They're obviously gonna set up a romance with him and Skye, but ya don't want the character to just be there as a love interest when its supposed to be about a SHIELD team.


        The mystery item being an old HYDRA weapon was definitely a missed opportunity.  While ya want it to feel like its the same universe as the movies, ya don't want that to become too much of a crutch.  It looks like they'll be introducing some new stuff in the next episode with Graviton.  Hopefully it doesn't turn out he's just stealing theories from Tony's long lost teenage diary, haha

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          I don't think she's gonna have anything like this scene, though.  Yeah, I think Ward could easily be so much more fun that he is, though.  Everyone else has weird quirks that make them more interesting, so why can't he?  Actually, his "strong fighter dude" role makes me think of the awesomeness that is Eliot Spencer from Leverage.  He can identify what government organization someone works for by their footprint or haircuts, he only needs to sleep 90 minutes a day (supposedly), he never loses at rock-paper-scissors, and he really likes cooking.  Oh, and there's the time he possibly killed a man with an appetizer.  Why can't Ward be that awesome?  Also, wow, I ended up posting a lot of video links here...


          Yeah, first Extremis and now Hydra.  They need to get away from the movies and into doing their own thing.  Maybe-Graviton could be cool, and there's all kinds of other stuff they could use.  There's tons of artifacts and crazy technology in the Marvel Universe that isn't in the movies.  Maybe a place like Roxxon or some other small-time technology place in Marvel could get involved in creating new stuff.  Or maybe we'll get the return of Hydra eventually, though they might wanna save that for the movies. 

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            Haha, you know, it was supposed to be a joke, but if Ward actually had been reading Hunger Games it would've made him seem a bit more interesting than the serious action guy reading a serious book about Vietnam.  Granted, some people do like war books, but I just feel like it doesn't really add anything to him from what we already knew.


            It looks like they're setting up the Rising Tide to be an important bad guy faction for later episodes, so hopefully that pans out.  They could end up doing a Rising Tide-is-really-Hydra twist and I'm not sure how I'd feel about that since it'd go back to relying on the movie stuff rather than carving its own mythology, but Hydra is also a big villain to SHIELD in the comics.  I guess it depends on how they do it and how much they lean on Cap.

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              Yep, that would've been way better than him actually reading war books (though maybe not as good as possibly killing a man with an appetizer).  He could've tried to hide the fact that he really liked the book, too, and it would've been a fun little scene that makes him more than "stereotypical fighter dude."  As is, it didn't really do anything. 


              Yeah, Rising Tide's looking to be a big deal for sure, and I've kinda been wondering about it being Hydra or somehow tied to Hydra.  As long as they don't focus on Cap's battles against Hydra and focus on how SHIELD and Hydra have been rivals forever, it could be a cool way to go.  They can't make it all about Cap, the Red Skull, and the Cosmic Cube, though. 

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                The episode was okay but very predictable throughout. You knew Colusen's old flame was going to betray him about minute after they meet. The group bickering that is hardly original although I did like how they came together and their plan was crazy. I like Ming Na's character a quiet bad ass and I am with you on Ward he is pretty dull. So is Skye the unwitting dupe of very bad people, where she thinks she is working for an organization that is trying to expose the truth but they are really evil people intent on bringing down Shield or do the showrunners have the guts to really make her a duplicitious, cunning bad guy. Probably will be the former but would love it if she turns out to be really bad and not just a naive idealistic hacker who gets taken advantage of. It would give the show some edge, which it desperately needs. Right now it feels like they are running through the numbers and playing it safe.


                Fury was great and very funny, liked it.


                One part that was really bad was where they rush to get away to the plane as if they are being chased by countless bad guys and yet when they get to the plane there were just three bad guys in a jeep shooting machine guys at them, I mean they had them outnumbered yet they acted like there were fifty guys coming, that was lazy directing there.


                Hope this show gets better but right now it feels pretty soft and mediocre.

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                  I enjoyed episode 2.  That Nick Fury cameo was awesome!  However I do agree that they don't need to constantly remind us that they are part of the Marvel universe with everything tying back into what we've seen in the movies.  They do need to have some of  that, but I'm not sure they've found the balance yet.  Then again, it is only the second episode.......


                  It has been a long time since I've followed a tv series (besides watching whole seasons on DVD) so I think the slow, once a week, development of plot lines and characters might be a little difficult to adjust to for me.  I'm used to being able to just push play on the next episode which makes things feel like they are coming together much quicker.


                  As a side note I realize I am going to have to be pretty careful about watching the commercials.  I'm sure with Thor TDW coming out soon we can expect to see a TV spot pretty much every time.  I'll have to plug my ears and shut my eyes and go " LA LA LA LA LA" so as to not spoil any new stuff!

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                    I think I kinda prefer the normal TV schedule of having an episode once a week, at least for serialized shows.  It makes things feel a lot more intense when you have to wait a whole week or longer to get the next episode to find out what happens next.  It also gives ya a bit of time to let what happened in the episode sink in.


                    Only a few more weeks until Thor comes out at least!  Unless you don't see it the opening weekend then you'll have to dodge the ads for a bit longer, haha.

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                      Definitely seeing Thor the first Friday it is out, really looking forward to it as I think it will be the best Marvel of the year.

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                        Tonight's episode we finally saw the show stand on its own too leg's with a villain having zero ties to the movies.  I thought they did well in creating Graviton's backstory and making him a bit of a sympathetic figure.  While he doesn't necessary like SHIELD, he doesn't view them as his sworn enemy yet.  He just doesn't trust anyone with the gravity machine and he's prepared to die to see no one can abuse it.  I wish they had gotten a different actor for the part though.  Nothing against the guy's acting ability, but a balding thick glassed short guy is the opposite of Graviton and his glorious flowing mane.  I have trouble viewing the guy as the bad ass villain when he just doesn't look threatening.  A bit of dream casting that will never happen, but boy, would I have LOVED Richard Armitage (Thorin from The Hobbit) to be Graviton.  He would give Loki and Joker a run for their money with that intensity he has.  Anyway, casting withstanding, not a bad backstory.  I wish we could've got more of him and less of Quinn though, since Quinn was pretty boring.


                        Unfortunately, at least for me, the rest of the episode was largely all about Skye and I just don't find her interesting.  She really got under my skin early when she bitched about having to go undergo SHIELD to (gasp) be part of a SHIELD team.  The lazy arrogant attitude is a major turn off no amount of sad story can undo that initial whining.  I also never bought that she was really turning on SHIELD so that takes a lot of steam out of scenes with Quinn.  Her perfectly using the move Ward taught her like hours before the mission was also a bit hokey to me, personally.  But on the subject of Ward, it's nice to see him get a bit of development since he was sorely needing it.  The square older brother of the team can be a good role for him, though he has probably the funniest sad backstory.  Having an older sibling that randomly acts like a jerk and beats you up for no reason is a fact of life for like 99% of baby siblings, myself included, haha.  It's the birth right of the older sibling to act like a jerk to the younger siblings.  It certainly didn't sound like Ward was describing a situation like Merle and Daryl from Walking Dead where Merle has an ugly abusive hold on Daryl.


                        Apart from that, the scientist twins were pretty inoffensive and had a very minor role.  I liked the simple route they went for with May wanting to get back into the field because sitting in the plane (I refuse to call it a bus, haha)  with no communications frustrated her.  It was completely lacking any big dramatic spotlight which I liked since it didn't need it.


                        So, overall, I thought it was on a technical level a fine episode, but the amount of Skye and Quinn made me lose interest and zone out for a bit of it until someone else came on the screen.

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                          I thought it was a pretty good episode, though I might've liked the last one better.  I liked what they did with Graviton (I told you they'd give him his powers, Hawk!).  I'd agree that an actor that looks the part of Graviton more would be nice, but I think the actor pulled the episode off pretty well.  It's always nice to have a sympathetic villain instead of just the slimy, greedy Quinn.  And it's set up for him to have a major vendetta against Coulson and his team, too.  That's probably my favorite part about this episode.  It sets up a chance for some more long-term stuff, which I think the show needs.  The first three episodes have been pretty stand-alone, so it's nice to see that we'll get some more long-term storylines happening. 


                          I was sad to have May play such a small role in the episode, though I bet she'll get some more screentime now that she's going to be out in the field more.  Ward was better this episode, which was nice.  I think I'll have to accept that he'll never have a sense of humor, but he seems to have his own role as almost an older brother of the team, like you said, Hawk.  Coulson was good as always, too, though I'm more of a fan of Coulson than anyone else here.  I liked the moments where he couldn't disassemble the gun (and his comments on it being muscle memory bring up the issue of him possibly being an LMD, of course...), and it was interesting to see him have to make a tough decision with Hall like that.  It'll be even better to see how it comes back to haunt him.


                          Skye is a really up-and-down character for me.  I think I expected her to be more of an oddball hacker outsider character, and she really isn't that.  All the oddballness of the group is taken by Fitz and Simmons (and maybe Coulson), and she doesn't even do any hacking, it seems like.  There was a moment when she asks if Fitz can hack a keypad, and I'm just thinking about why she can't do that.  She's supposed to be this crazy-skilled hacker, but Fitz does all the technical stuff.  But sometimes she has awesome moments of basically geeking out about the crazy situations she's in, so she gets points for that.  She's not very consistent, though.


                          Also, the moment when Coulson mentioned that he had to give up his Cap trading card collection was awesome. 

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