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    Gamestop EXPO / PAX (Zombie Reveal?)

      There are two big Expos starting today, Gamestop EXPO & PAX. I hope that some Zombie information gets released. Maybe even some gameplay footage. I did hear that Gamestop EXPO is for MP only. But Zombies is starting to look like an MP mode so it might make an appearance at these events. Thoughts?

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          Since I'm attending PAX for vacation, I asked if there would be any Black Ops info there - unfortunately there is not. So I doubt we will have any BOII intel from PAX directly.

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            Sounds good, but nope... mp engine is just used for bigger resources to create BO2 zombies to a bigger extent, but that doesn't mean it is being a mp mode itself. My prediction is that zombies game will have it's own exe to start the game, no more need to start from campaign nor mp. With other words 3 icons is what I expect to see in BO2. That's why I think that zombie reveal won't come in expo/pax, if they are just for mp. Would be great though, but Treyarch is hiding zombies like it's a treasure that everyone wants to steal, lol... Anyways, don't make any hopes untill it's released in November, my advice.

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                With Nz (Nuketown Zombies), yes that's my new shorthand...they look they are swapping in MP maps for Zombie maps.  I could be wrong...but it looks like the map from BO.  I have not seen the map, but the sign hasn't changed.  They simply added a Zombies at the bottom.  This leads me to believe they simply added some Zombie spawn points and called it a zombies map.


                If they did this with one map, why couldn't they do it with any map?


                As many people know, the spawning system in Nuketown is COMPLETELY different than BO Zombies.  What would be the logic in using different spawns on Nz?  After all the map is TINY!


                LOL!  I just thought about zombies spawning in front of me like on MP!   Awwww...now I thought about running "Trains" and taking them through the house, only to have them walk ALL THE WAY back downstairs where you and your team are waiting to kill them.  LAME!


                Man I wish Treyarch would disuade my nightmares with a Gameplay video.  Show me I can't run "Trains" anymore!  Show me Zombies isn't just another version of MP!

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                    You know Nuketown.


                    Besides the map being blocked off from other areas, it can be thought of as a medium sized map if the map wasn't blocked in. There is more houses, cars, etc.


                    If they made it into a Zombies map, they would have extended it out, or maybe it is just a simple solo map? Who knows, but I doubt it's just for solo play.


                    My bet is that they extended it out and didn't keep it like it was in the first Blops.


                    MP version of the map will still be the same size though.

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                      I guess the Nz map is redesigned to a bigger, wider and detailed extent with darker tones to make some scary feeling. This map shall be far better than Nt 2025 mp map, I am sure many will be surprised even you. It shall have zombie spawn points behind windows and zombie risers, and maybe a astro/George type boss, the houses shall have basements. The areas that normally are not possible to reach will be opened... These things has to happen + more stuff that I can't think of now. Treyarch has to justify their prices of hardened/prestige editions so the power of Nz map shall be at level of Moon, especially if they have to make it big enough to fit 8 players for 4v4 style. Important is that Nz shall have completely zombie, apocalyptic feeling. No mp feeling. If you think about Nacht der Untoten, it was made out of campaign. For example, Verruckt is based on Asylum mp map and Treyarch made a good job to make it different from mp and gave a scary feeling to it. So Nz will follow this style. This time zombies shall be crazier and nastier because of doubled players so making trains might not be simply again, the intense has to be higher since we most likely will get 2x pap and perk upgrading + new perks. I have btw a list of perk + perk upgrades including new perk ideas that I might post soon. Anyways, Nz map will be different enough and better than Nt2025, I don't doubt it. The only thing that worries mostly me is co-op for 8 players, at least for new maps would be great to have.