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    The L86 LSW - the most beastly gun in the game?


      I really am starting to believe it.  I mean there seems to be no situation where this gun feels out of its depth.  Sure, it might take you a while to get anywhere, but when you get there this thing just cuts through people like the proverbial warm knife through butter.  It's got a pretty high fire rate, decent damage and great range, plus being an LMG you can just keep hosing bullets in the enemy direction without having to worring about getting caught reloading before you take em all out.  The only minor gripe would be the irons which are not great for precision shots, so I would definitely recommend either a red dot or a thermal.  Couple those with any other attachment and you have a weapon that will do serious work for you.  If you've not already tried this bad boy out then pick it up.  You will not be disappointed.