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    Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

      It's been a long hard slog, but I finally levelled that final gun to gold.  Wondering now how many folks out there have taken all of their guns to the limit and how the experience was for you guys.  Specifically, I'm interested to hear the following things.  I'm putting my own answers in too.


      First Gun levelled - MSR

      Last Gun levelled - USAS-12

      Most Fun Gun - FAD

      Least Fun Gun - AS50 (I just get hitmarkers for days with that one)

      Gun you were most surprised by - L86 LSW - That gun is AMAZINGLY good!

      Which gun you got the most hate for using - Toss up between the RSASS (people don't appreciate it when you have a good trigger finger and spray the heck out of them) and the Type 95 (no prizes for guessing why on that one)


      Feel free to add in any thoughts or insights from your own experience, or to add in your own questions to the ones above.

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          Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

          Just got all my guns gold last week as well!


          for me the AA-12 was a pain to level up. The LMG's were actually fun for me, especially the L86. That gun earned a permanent spot in my classes now.


          I played a lot of HC Dom for the harder weapons to use, since its a lot easier to get kills.


          I think my first was the L118 and my last was MK46.

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            Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

            I was 23/26 guns gold when i played on my xbox account, back in January. I think my most favorite gun was the MSR. I love the 1 shot kills, and the sound and all which was involved with it. My least favorite was the Dragunov, because of how weak it was, i wanted to jump off a cliff.


            The connection is what judges how well you do or not, not the gun, or the skill.

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                Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                I've actually posted a similar response to you in another thread... Connection certainly can have an affect, but what I've come to believe is that your tactics are the most important factor. The weapon is irrelevant if you play a smart game.  Also, a bit of luck can be a help too.

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                Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                I've been working on that goal. So far I have:


                All Snipers

                All SMG's

                All AR's bar T95, MK14, and AK47



                Model 1887


                Most fun was the Model...such a fun gun...main reason I haven't golded any more shotguns is because I keep running around with the gold Model.


                Second most fun was the AS50. I really created a good traditional sniping class using the AS50.


                First probably was the M16 (pre patch) or M60.


                Last hasn't been done yet.


                Worst was probably the CM901....purely outclassed by a lot of assault rifles.


                Most hate was probably the MK14 (even though I'm not done yet). Just a bunch of clan guys blaming our team for having modded controllers. I wasn't even firing it that fast.

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                    Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                    I've just put the model back into my custom classes.  I think when I started going for gold I had a KD of about 0.5 with it.  It used to frustrate me terribly and I don't think I ever had a good game with it.  By the end I'd got it up to a 0.98 and was having much better results with it.  Right now it's the only primary I have a negative KD with so I've been itching to rectify that one.


                    The default scope on the AS50 always seemed to give me trouble and I would get tons of hitmarkers.  It only really started working for me when I put the variable zoom on.  I'm pretty comfortable engaging at close to mid range with any of the other snipers but there's just something about that gun that just compels me to take a much more defensive posture. 


                    I think the CM901 is very under-rated.  I know I've a better KD with it than all of my other ARs, with the exception of the AK47 and MK14.  Have actually seen quite a few people using it recently and doing well with it.


                    What is it about clan guys and making excuses for being beaten eh?  Maybe that's why I've no desire to join a clan.. my subconscious mind protecting me from turning into a bad loser

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                        Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                        I don't quickscope at all, and in my opinion the AS50 is the perfect traditional sniper rifle. I can get it up to 88% movement with speed, and the variable zoom gives me 2.8x, 4.8x, and 9.0x zoom. I like the slightly smaller kick than the Barrett, and obviously the scope doesn't annoy me with variable zoom and 5 rounds is plenty because I don't spray.


                        And yeah, the CM901 wasn't THAT bad, it's just I couldn't get over the fact that it seems to be 100% outclassed by the ACR...lower RoF, higher recoil, I don't know. There just weren't many other guns that were too painful. Cm901 is the only one I had to stop using it for a while and come back.

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                      Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                      holy cow! how long did it take?

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                          Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                          I'm not sure exactly, but at a guess I'd say somewhere between 2-3 months on and off.  It was a lot more fun than just prestiging and using the majority of the same weapons over and over. Now I've done what I wanted to do in terms of prestiging and really getting to grips with all the weapons so the next 2 months until BO2 comes out are going to be just chilled without anything to grind towards.  Looking forward to it.

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                          Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                          I finished the last of the LMG's, and have finished my quest short of the snipers.  I have no interest in trying to grind those out, as I like to win games along the way.


                          I agree with some of the other comments about some of the LMG's being hidden gems.  I like the L86, and the MK46 and both have worked their way into my regular rotation.


                          I've been a fan of the shotguns since day 1, so they were the first group to get all gold.  I was resistant to use the Striker because of it's reputation, but I put that aside to just get it done. 


                          Now I'm working on unlocking titles.  There is always something else to grind...

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                              Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                              I think if you give the snipers a chance you may find them not so much of a grind as you might think.  I mean the Dragunov and RSASS with ACOGs aren't too dissimilar to using the MK14, so that would be 2  easy enough right off the bat.  Sniper Rifles were the class of weapons at the start of MW3 that I had least experience with and really wanted to develop some functional skill with.  I was pretty bad at the start but after a good deal of practice, trial and error, I've got pretty effective now.  I can hold down an area with the Barrett laying down cover for my team, or I can take a bolt action and play more aggressively.  I've played plenty of games of Dom and been the top scorer with the most kills and flag caps plenty of times.  If I can do that then anyone can.

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                              Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                              Congrats! Impressive, I don't think I'll get all my guns to gold.  Prestiged too many times (although I've been stopped at 16 and staying there for 2 months) and also don't think I have the patience outside of the AR's and SMG's. 


                              I may get to all the shotguns and LMG's, but definitely not sniper rifles.  Pump action shotties frustrate me, and LMG's and snipers just make me bored because I can't move around as fast as I'd like.

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                                  Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                                  I wasn't a big fan of the LMGs... in fact, before I started going for the gold guns I never used them.  I was missing out!  If you only try one LMG then make it the L86.  That gun is probably the most beastly weapon in the game.  My personal fave set up is grip and thermal.  It's got a high fire rate, very little damage drop off and with that set up it's super accurate - you can out snipe snipers with it easily.  But if movement speed is a real problem for you you can use the speed proficiency when unlocked and use extreme conditioning to get around much more quickly.  It has a drum magazine so the reload isn't too bad without SoH. 

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                                  Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                                  I started this after finally getting to 20th - the double xp week really helped and so far have


                                  All smgs

                                  striker and usas - wont be doing anymore shotties as i suck with them - both just positive and these are the easy ones - tried ksg and model and got salughtered so hats off to anyone who can get them gold

                                  Ls86 - love this with thermal and silncer

                                  mg42 - beastly with red dot and grip

                                  now working on m60 - not as good as other two

                                  not into sniping at all - dont have patience and doubt i will ever go for


                                  have done the less fashionable AR's - Fad, ak47, cm901, m16 - just about to complete m141 and have acr g36 and 95 all about quarter way into level 30 - found the guns i never used before are now my favs - cant wait to gold out these last four so i can get my lovely fad and m16 back out as these rock  - also getting withdrawl symptons from my ls86

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                                      Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                                      if you can use the USAS and Striker then you should be able to do well with any of the other shotties.  The AA-12 is a destroyer once you can get close enough to your enemies, so stick assassin on there and you're good to go.  With the pump actions I had a lot of success by sticking a suppressor on.  It actually doesn't do much to the range or damage and just gives you that added stealth to flank and tackle multiple foes without giving yourself away.


                                      I'm a HUGE fan of the FAD too... I got it gold pretty early on and couldn't wait to get back to using it again.  I didn't think it needed a buff, but I'm loving it even more since it does more damage.  Getting a lot more doubles and triples with it now.

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                                      Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                                      my gold guns are  p90, scar, m4, m16 ( pre-buff ), fad, rsass, ak-47, l86 and mk14.


                                      im not a big fan of gold guns to be honest i think they are old and boring now but i must admit i get great satisfaction when mowing people down with the gold ak

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                                        Re: Finally!... the road to Gold is complete

                                        Nice job dude.  The 2 or 3 hours per day that I play this game basically allow me to get guns up to the 500 kill mark and move on, so getting gold is probably not in the cards for me for any of the weapons.

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