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      Should we keep our current clan and level from MW3?


      If Elite allows us to keep our level, what will be our motivation to

      play Clan Ops and challenges?


      Should clans be able to level up beyond level 50?  I think so. What do you think?

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          Re: BLACK OPS 2 CLAN LEVEL

          May want to delete the other thread.


          Seems to me that no, Clans should have to re-register for Black Ops II and start from scratch with the new game. They should keep their clan level for MW3, but  start from the beginning on BOII.


          The clan levels achieved thus far were for MW3 and those achievements should not be wiped out. But since this is a brand new game, I feel like clans should need to get a fresh start. It would be a false representation if there was a high level clan on BOII that hadn't earned it.


          This way, if the clan goes back to MW3 to play they can still have their level, but have something to work for in the new title.


          I wonder how League Play will work with clans. Can you all play together in qualifiers? If not, what happens if certain members of a clan qualify for higher or lower League levels? Will parties even be allowed at League level? I imagine that if you are allowed to qualify together, then you would all end up at the same level and be allowed to play... but I guess we'll have to wait for more info on that.


          Should have Elite integration info at the end of this month, so we'll see if they include Clan info in that.

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