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    PS3 Zombie Clan

      Hey guys I want to set up a clan for Black ops 2. I want to have a really good game when it comes out and whoop a buch of noobs on the 4v4. I also want a team of 8 to play head to head and see how far we can make it. Havent come up with a clan name yet but my brother and me will come up with one before it comes out. I need at least 6 people maybe less cause i got 2 friends who i know will join. To make it better i want at least 15 people in my clan in case others are offline and we still want to play with people who we know are good. I do have some requirments. Must be able to get Nuketown Zombies. Sorry no kids. So be at least 17. I am 25 by the way. I have been playn zombies since W@W came out. Must be able to work as a team. Have a good internet connection laggin out sucks.I have a good one most of the time 4 bars. Must have a mic to play zombies. Must be a good zombie player. Must have at least gotten past round 40 on any map. Ive gotten 58 so anyone with rounds like that will  probably be an automatic member.


      I will be holding tryouts. First you will send me a friend request with tryouts in the message. PSN is cloud2021  I will add you and take a look at your leaderboards. I will will also be doing an actual gameplay tryout. I want to play moon 4 player and see how we work together. So when i get at least 3 new people i will set up the gameplay tryout and see how well everyone works together. We will do the easter egg. I have done all easter eggs so thats not a problem.


      In Black ops 2 zombies 4v4 and the classic zombies i will have team of 4. Of course me. One of them is my brother. Another a good friend i met on Black ops. The two best people will for sure get these spots and if your online and want to play and were not playing you will be able to play. I want to get as far as i can and if my two best guys are on were playn. If i get at least 8 people we can all play in 4v4 and see how far we can go if it still has the RND system but sometimes playn random people and whoopn can be more fun sometimes. Thats bout all i can think of so if you have any questions reply to my post.