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    COD on Wii is dead

      Now that the WiiU is coming out, the Wii is pretty much a dead console. I doubt they release anymore Wii games and the Wii community will grow even smaller and smaller as time passes. Which brings me to my topic, will COD on wii be dead? Will every COD game on the Wii will be like World at War right now? Like only 10 TDM matches per game and every other game mode is a ghost town. I'll be playing the Wii till it's final days, will you?

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          There are wii games I enjoy, so I'll probably lurk around.

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            It probably will be that way, but only a couple of months into launch of the Wii U.   Don't forget, the Wii was hard to obtain the first couple of months.  I expect the same for the Wii U. Actually it was more than hard to obtain.  It was just stupid trying to get one.  I hope to be able to preorder it so that I don't have to camp out all night in front of a store just to get one.  And screw Best Buy for lying about when they got shipments of the Wii console.  Bastards would give false dates for shipment to avoid a long line.  Like there wouldn't have been one anyway.  And ther always was one. At least at the local Best Buy anyway.  Same thing will happen for the Wii U. And screw the tiny keyboard on my wife's laptop.  Trying to type on this thing with my huge hands is very frustrating. And not because I have been drinking!

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              the U will be the nail to the coffin as far as the wii goes.


              for example, look at Madden 13 for wii...it has no freaking online MP for it!


              ooooooooooooooh, i can download a roster update that only came once so far and probably wont happen again.


              the wii is dead...the U will live.


              as far as the community goes, the "wii" community will die and the "U" community will explode by leaps and bounds.


              think about it, all the guys who left the wii cuz of the lack of this and this and that will be coming back to the U.


              nobody can beat motion controls...couple that with graphics and DLC and a bunch of whatnot, you cant top that.

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                  It`ll have huge teething problems and other glitches, so I wont be rushing out to buy one. The COD community who still play now, wont dwindle that much at 1st, remember these guys play the wii coz they cant afford a xbox/ps3, so they DEFFO wont be able to afford a wiiU. The older gamers like myself/king etc CAN buy one asap if we wish but my choice is probably to wait till after xmas and see how the land lies regarding the new game. I only enjoy playing cod, and if it plays like the xbox does now, but with the wiimote, i`ll buy one, no doubt. But any ifs/buts, and i`ll stay backed out till im flush enough to buy one and not care if I like it or not.


                  Its like anything else in life, if you expect too much, it`ll be a let down. Accidentaly flick onto a movie you havent heard of, when your tired one night, and it`ll prob turn out to be a corker! But wait 3 months for the next Iron Man film, queue up for 4 hrs to get in, and it`ll suck.

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                  The games will probably still have a decent sized player base for at least a year or two. I mean people still play PS2 games online so who knows.


                  BTW the key to getting games on W@W is to play late at night. Most of the W@W playerbase is 18+ because kiddies can't stand WW2 games and most 18+ people have work during the day. I noticed when I play past 12am, I can easily find matches on most of the modes.

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                    I'll keep my Wii. It has a ton of data on it, after all.

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                      Cod on wii is dead and hacked to crap soviet cookie can u pm me ur mw3 ally code

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                        The Wii died a long time ago, after the release of Pandora's Tower which was more than 6 months ago. It's kinda sad, after february/march everyone including Nintendo forgot that the Wii even existed.


                        As for CoD, I think there will always be people who play it, no matter how ****** up the game is. Like how people complain about how a hacker ruined their game on MW3 and the next day or week they'll talk about other hackers they've encountered. They keep complaining, but quitting the game? NO CALL OF D00DY IS TEH GRE4TEST GAEM EVAR!!! [/squeaker]


                        My point is, people who wanted to quit have already moved on and the people who for some reason still play it are going to continue doing it. So the number of players will likely stay the same. Until Wii U comes out.

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                          I absolutely loved COD BO on the Wii, but to be honest I am a ghpx whore, so prior to MW3 came out I invested in an Xbox. Is the Wii dead? No, we still use it, I believe the nun chuck and controller is more fun and harder to master in game than Xbox controller. But the MW3  has so much more depth on Xbox than BO, did. I just bought a cheap BO on Xbox and tbh the Wii doesn't lose that much. So for future releases of COD, yes the Wii is redundant.

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                            MW3 is a ship is ALMOST completely sunk for WII. BUT there is a lifeboat called the WIIU. *this is where it doesn't make any sense* If more people get on the lifeboat it will survive.