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          If someone in your game is intentionally glitching then simply report him and avoid him. Let Treyarch deal with it from there.


          You're not the sheriff of zombies, it's not up to you to decide what happens to who. Calm down. Report and move on.

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            Well the problems isn't just ppl glitching, it's treyarch being to dam lazy to fix the glich locations.


            Zombies has little to rules (except social and ppl to ppl rules), u can almost say it has non except glitching isn't alowed to keep game and score fair to everybody. So if ppl break that rule they should be punished for that. A simple report option, maybe even add like a small piece of vid to it, and if true punish them by resetting there score. If they keep glitching and ppl report them for that truely than they should IP ban that person.


            Now as soon as a glitch is discovered some lowlife will post this on youtube. So this means it's easy to find glitches and fix them so ppl can't mass abuse it.

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              frist off im not deffending the use of glitches


              However I disagree with spaceboss's method of fixing the problem. simply because some people

              (ill admit to it) use glitches for reasons other then getting high score. Like going to the bathroom. I mean when you got to go, you got to go. And you cant always rely on the crawler lasting forever.

                   But to fix this problem, perhaps they could put in a "safe zone" that a player can pay to use, say set amount of cash over time used in the zone. Once in this zone of corse the player can not engage nor be engaged by a zombie or team members.

                   However this could abused, but so can anything else, just like codcaster. That and I just thought it up off the top of my head