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    Have Not Received Badge and XP For Clan Op

      There was a Kill Confirmed Clan Op yesterday (September 8, 2012) that I enlisted in weeks ago. I joined a lobby that was ready to start, when the game started I noticed that I wasn't collecting tags because the one's I killed weren't dropping any. I quickly thought maybe I joined the wrong lobby, so I backed out. I made sure to double check that I joined a "Kill Confirmed" lobby. Same thing happend, I joined a game already in progress and it was "Team Deathmatch". I was getting frustrated. I backed out again. Joined a Kill Confirmed lobby seconds away from starting, then I noticed that in voting for the maps, one has Kill Confirmed and the other was Team Deathmatch. I backed out again when I realized that but I don't think the other gamers did.


      I looked up on Elite what was going on and on the KC Enlistment page there were posts from other gamers that were experiencing the same thing I was. They were also not joining Kill Confrimed matches.


      I kept trying again to join a game of Kill Confirmed and I finally did. I played one full match from start to end.


      I checked my Clan this morning and I don't see a Badge or my XP. Where are they?


      This is not the first time this has happened. I still have not received my Bronze Badge and 250 XP for a Kill Confirmed Clan Op on July 28, 2012.





      I have also emailed report@infinityward.com regarding gamers with token glitches, modded clan tags and I still these guys' accounts still operational despite having pictures to prove it.

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          Re: Have Not Received Badge and XP For Clan Op

          I would like to request for an Administrator or Moderator to respond to my post. This will at least give confrimation that my post was read as well as update me and other forum members who read my post.



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            Re: Have Not Received Badge and XP For Clan Op

            For clarity, I play on Xbox 360. The first issue was on July 28, 2012. The second Clan Op issue was on September 8, 2012. Both were Kill Confirmed Clan Ops.


            I tweeted to @ATVIAssist on August 1, 2012 with the tweet: "Issue with KC Clan Op from July 28. My stat says I played it 2 hrs. prior to 2pm EST. Hence, no badge or XP. What's going on?" with regards to the first issue.


            Please respond.

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