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    Have Not Received Badge and XP For Clan Op

      There was a Kill Confirmed Clan Op yesterday (September 8, 2012) that I enlisted in weeks ago. I joined a lobby that was ready to start, when the game started I noticed that I wasn't collecting tags because the one's I killed weren't dropping any. I quickly thought maybe I joined the wrong lobby, so I backed out. I made sure to double check that I joined a "Kill Confirmed" lobby. Same thing happend, I joined a game already in progress and it was "Team Deathmatch". I was getting frustrated. I backed out again. Joined a Kill Confirmed lobby seconds away from starting, then I noticed that in voting for the maps, one has Kill Confirmed and the other was Team Deathmatch. I backed out again when I realized that but I don't think the other gamers did.


      I looked up on Elite what was going on and on the KC Enlistment page there were posts from other gamers that were experiencing the same thing I was. They were also not joining Kill Confrimed matches.


      I kept trying again to join a game of Kill Confirmed and I finally did. I played one full match from start to end.


      I checked my Clan this morning and I don't see a Badge or my XP. Where are they?


      This is not the first time this has happened. I still have not received my Bronze Badge and 250 XP for a Kill Confirmed Clan Op on July 28, 2012.





      I have also emailed report@infinityward.com regarding gamers with token glitches, modded clan tags and I still these guys' accounts still operational despite having pictures to prove it.