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    Black Ops 2 PC - Local Split-Screen Support

      Treyarch, can you please add split-screen multiplayer for Black Ops 2 on the PC? I want a split-screen mode for Black Ops 2 on PC. Even if it's not available for Online. At least allow offline 4 player split-screen on PC like how the console versions have it. I'm tired of having people coming to my house to play COD to realize that they cannot play split-screen on the PC version. There is plenty of games even on PC that support this feature so I see no reason why we cannot get it on the PC version. Even Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the PC technically has split-screen. Although, it is a pain to setup, it is still possible to do regardless. I've purchased your game on Steam already, and if there is really anything that I can ask in my PC version. Is for some split-screen multiplayer and overall a well optimized PC version. Thank you and hopefully, I can get a reply back about this.