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    Sort The F@cking Lag Out

      Why am I paying you for the priviledge of playing this game? You should be paying me for the use of my dedicated server.  Before any one jumps in and says it is alternatevily picked every round blah, blah bollocks, I know thats not true cause I've just hosted the last 4 games on the bounce.  How do I know that? Well I tried my luck and waited until the game winning kill cam came up before trying to leave and each time it came back with 'this action is not possible'.


      In all 4 of those game, 2 guys were running around beast, probably using 56k dial up network, having fun and a right good laugh at my expense.


      IW/3ARC/Sledgehammer/Raven etc just after you have leaned me over my desk and broken my back doors in, you'll find my wallet on the kitchen table take whatever you f@cking please.