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    This is for all my kill #$^& a.k.a. slayers!

      And yes, I'm one of them..


      I would like to have a friendly conversation with y'all! - *Meaning, we don't need hate from n00bs up in here!


      Blacks Ops 2 won't reward us as much with kills anymore, I'm not that sad about it.. because I think most of us still will play with our skills we have, therefore we're still be able to rack up our scores (easily).


      But my main question is if the score streak system stop you from kill whoring and actually make you going to play the objective (more)?


      - I never had a problem playing the objective to begin with.. I just liked it more to get a blackbird etc. and I only captured the flag when it was really really necessary and not just for the sake of trying to capture a flag. I think in BO2, I indeed will capture more.. but my main goal will still be kill whoring!



      My opinion about the new system is positive, when the game comes out only then we'll find out which way to get the most scores the best way possible.. a lot of haters think kill REMOVED can only get great scores in domination but they forget most of us are doing the same in tdm as well. So if we're doing the same in tdm as well I don't think this game is going to be easier for those who kept complaining about us!


      As a matter of fact, a capture doesn't even add up to the next streak!


      Therefore one still has to find a way to get to the next flag without dying! And that's where skills come in place.. most of those who are complaining are dying regardless! At least in BO1 if they had 2 kills they could have a spy plane.


      Now after 2 kills you also still haven't got a streak..




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