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        100. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

        Still no response from a Mod.

        Last Edited: Dec 2, 2012 6:59 AM
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          101. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

          Since the patch, I've had very few freezes. However, I have had, what I refer to as, skipping. Basically, it looks like the game is loading while I'm playing, and I sometimes see others, or even myself, skip from one area to a slightly further along area. This happens during killcams, and directly after a killcam, and periodically throughout my game play at any random point. I thought it was server lag, which is another issue that I'm sure everyone has experienced.


          After a hefty a** whooping again, with a lot of "skipping," I decided I was going to change my matchmaking settings to "best." While searching for this option that I've heard so much about, I stumbled upon the "install" option. I decided to do it, and then restarted my system.


          A short summary of my gameplay experience since is "Hallelujah!" It has helped significantly! Again, I've had very few freezes, with the exception of rendering videos, since the patch. But all in all, the game just feels like it's moving at the correct pace. FINALLY!


          I'm anxious for them to get the video section back up and running to see if this also fixes the freeze I've been having rendering videos. I will report here when I find out.

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            102. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

            Good to hear.


            It would seem that installing textures to the hard drive does reduce the amount of freezing and generally makes the game work better.


            This thread should be sticked for all to see - Most users seem unaware this option exists.


            Not saying this cures all the problems but even if it helps some its worth doing as well as saving wear and tear on your Blu-Ray drive.

            Last Edited: Dec 4, 2012 4:35 AM
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              103. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

              Installing the textures is the first thing you should do before playing MP.

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                104. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

                I did - advising others to do the same.

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                  105. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

                  Same here, the first 2 things i did were install the textures and set the game to default to the multiplayer menu, only had 2 freezes since launch day

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                    106. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

                    Hi Vahn what do you mean by HDD? Plus since I've bought bo2 for £42! My Playstation keeps turning off! I've only had the game 2days....... It didn't do it before now and every time I go online with any other game it's the same hope you can help

                    Last Edited: Dec 5, 2012 4:52 PM
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                      107. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

                      Hard Disk Drive.

                      Last Edited: Dec 9, 2012 10:18 AM
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                        108. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options

                        What's up with the constant & I mean CONSTANT dropping out & migrating hosts. I've got a good connection but I'm lucky if I get 2 games in a row without being bumped. It wasn't this bad around launch time but its getting worse n worse. Gotta say the games great but this is really ruining it for me. I only get limited time to game & I'm spending a lot of that only getting half a game (no xp points) or looking for a new game after I've been bumped. Anyone know how to stop thus?

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                          109. Re: PS3 Install Textures Options



                          ich finde es unglaublich wie viele gelder über den tisch gehen, für dieses spiel und es wird einfach NICHTS an den servern getan. Die deutschen spieler haben zum großteil schon gar keine lust mehr, weil sie eine schlechte verbindung haben und es sogar egal ist welche internet leitung man besitzt von 2 k - 100 k spielt keine rolle. viele menschen bezahlen viel geld für ihre plaund das spiel und zahlen monatlich für eine gute leitung, in der hoffnung das sie nicht benachteiligt sind im spiel. und doch sind sie es, ich spiele gerne und ich bin auch gerne bereit 60 euro für ein spiel zu blättern, doch dann erwarte ich das die community von 500.000 usern am tag, im durchschnitt die möglichkeit hat, vernünftig und gleichberechtigt zu spielen. lange dachte ich ich bin einfach schlecht, doch dann kamen runden in denen ich ganz klar bevorteilt war durch meinen ping.


                          ich hab es satt, meine siege davon abhängig zu machen, wie die verbindung zum server gerade ist.

                          ich will wissen wer der bessere ist oder ob ich ich mich noch mehr rein hängen muss um gegen die anderen anzukommen und so kann ich das nicht!


                          ich spreche für jeden zahlenden und unzufriedenen kunden, indem ich sage das UMGEHEND was getan werden muss!


                          Mfg Ap0lLo

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