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    I like turtles?

      Well I did. Stupid things lay eggs in my back yard. Then my friendly neighbor, which happens to be a skunk comes along and digs up the eggs. Atleast the turtles fill in the holes, the skunk doesn't. Especially when the big mamma snapping turtle comes in the yard. Thats a big hole that thing digs, but atleast she fills it in, the skunk doesnt't. I have a .22, and an M16, should I take out the skunk? (.22 quiet, the M16 (AR-15), not so much, though I can load it with non-lethal rounds) Its so cute though. I chased her aroud the yard before. That thing about spraying is just an old wives tale. Yes I know its a she, cause I seen her with youngins. I just wish she would stop digging up my yard.