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    How much have you improved your KD (not held)

      Quick question.. now I know there is alot of debate about KD vs WL


      But just out of interest (and counting only one game type) what improvment have you made to your KD, what was it at its lowest and what does it stand at now?


      My improvment 0.72 and am now 1.00 which has taken ages..


      was anyone lower and improved more? If so how long did it take, and did you W/L suffer as a result?

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          when I rused to prestige as fast as I could, my KD was 0.79


          When I stopped playing it was 0.94... my W/L did not suffer at all (in fact it also went up)

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            I started either around a 0.4 or 0.5 kd and didn't start until a good 4 months after the game was released.  So the learning curve was pretty huge.  I'm now at a 1.16 kd and it took me until my 7th or 8th prestige just to get to a 1.  I'm now 20th prestige.  I regularly get very high kd's nowadays but I've been playing so long that it doesn't effect my average kd all that much.  So I made a back up account just to see where I stood today and I have a 1.38 kd on that account.  My WL hasn't really changed all that much along the way but I play solo alot.  I'd say playing with my clan has been the thing that has improved my WL the most.

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              With all the lag problems how can you look at KD anc care much about it? I know for a fact that if this lag comp. was not in the game mine would be much higher. So I feel that the KD score is not a real and you cant look at it as how good you are. Also if you talk about KD but spawn camp then your KD is also not anything close to real. It sould not count all your stand behind a spawn and shoot them in the back when they pop up. Just my thoughts.

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                I don't put much value on kd for the reasons you have stated but I've achieved my growth despite the constant lag issues and while using a run and gun style mixed with selective camping when the lag was just too bad to run and gun effectively.  If things didn't lag then I probably would be much higher kd as well.  KD on it's own may not hold much value but I do think that there is some value in seeing how a player's kd has progressed particularly if they started very low.  If nothing else it shows that they have learned how to manage the issues with the game.  Btw the overwhelming majority of my gameplay has been spent in Core KC where the spawns are non-stop flipping.  I'm constantly looking behind me and moving just to stay alive.

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                  i think you start a little lower, with getting use to the game, which classes work for you, knowing the maps.. but i  go by game by game.


                  in other words, in BO1 i was .50


                  now in MW3 im a 1.97 kd


                  my WL is terrible because I only play with Randoms and noobs, so winning isnt always something I can control lol

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                    My oldest son who has played CoD since MW2 told me once that it takes about two CoD games before you get really good at it.  He was really good in BO and MW3.  I ended BO with a 0.72 but I stayed in for several months after MW3 came out just trying to get better.  I've done much better in MW3 and can't wait to see how I do in BO2.

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                      I can see looking at your stats to see if your getting better. Mine will move up or down a little but it seems to always be above 1. something. I just never check it till someone else in my group or party starts talking about stats and then I look at mine.

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                        My KD has steadily gone up. I was somewhere slightly over 1 at 10th prestige. I'm now at 1.50


                        My weekly typically runs between 1.8 and 2. I wouldn't say I've gotten better, I've just gotten smarter

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                          my kd goes up mon-thursday i like ffa, come fri,sat,sun clan ops kd drops ,ffa kd 1.82 , overall 1.65 finished mw2 kd 1 , BO 1. 1.40 cant wait to see what happens in BO2

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