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    Tek is now recruiting for snipers (PS3)

           This is a brand new clan that was a made is recent future. It is looking for snipers to join it's ranks. We do have a YouTube and we do plan on making montages in the future. For now we are looking for general people to join. Here are the requirements.

      -Be Mature

      -Repect the Team

      -Use a Sniper Rifle atleast 75% of the time

      -Know how to use theater mode or can record

      -Prefered to have a mic but don't have to have one

      -Be Active on PSN

      -Do a private against TeK_Khaos to get in

      -Once in make a new profile with TeK_(then your name)

           Once in you can start playing and getting some clips or just mess around. It would be best if you had a YouTube or Skype so we can share clips for editing purposes. When trying out tell me if you have a skill that would be use to the clan like good at GFX, editing, trickshotting, etc. (It will help you get in.) Oh and the first person that gets recuirted and shows good leadership with be Co-Leader.

           Hope you guys think about applying. Any questions ask me on here or on PSN at: TeK_Khaos or xXFaulconXx

      Thanks and see you soon.