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    A few suggestions for Black ops 2

      My prediction is BLACK OPS 2 will out sell mw3 and be the single best selling PS3 game to date, these suggestions are going to help that happen. Lets start with game modes: all game modes available out of the box should be playable as hardcore and core. They should not favor any play style, if there are site lines then there needs to be solid un-penetrateing cover. In my opinion Treyarch makes the best multiplayer maps , I can still play waw and enjoy the multiplayer. When gamers enter the Hardcore playlist they should be greeted by a warning that says"IF YOU HAVE LAUNCHERS OR UNDERBARRELL ATTACHMENTS EQUIPTED CHANGE YOUR CLASS LOADOUT BECAUSE THEY WILL BE REMOVED ATOMATICLY UPON MATCH START BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HARDCORE" the whole purpose for playing hardcore is to value your life because of the extra bullet damage, you have to know your surroundings because no hud, becarefull not to shoot your teammates, and play the objective. When you let noob tubers in it ruins the experience.Now lets talk about prestige. I like the changes you have made but lets take them a step further: give us the option to set up a primary class that keeps everything through all ten prestige levels, this takes mw3 unlock gear to the extreme but will level the playing field.Lets move on to kill streaks: keep the specialist and keep support but let us build support or for example if it has 12 awards in it let us pick what they are.And now for the soldier: I would like more character customisation, colors,outfit, logo, face paint,body armor etc. Please keep the death streaks and make them count towards the challenge for the equipment used, these are for gamers who die a lot and they level the playing field. Give all game modes challenges for top score win streak etc.There needs to be a set window of oportunity to back out of a match and after that you can't, I know you can"t stop people from dashboarding but please this will make it harder and the penalty for backing out should be more severe. And make it more easy to report cheaters and the punishment for those who are caught more severe. Please consider these ideas and thank you for reading.  cb765   PS3  elite premium FOUNDER  max prestige mw3   2nd prestige BLACK OPS      tac2008@hotmail.com

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