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    Gaming on ASUS VH236H or SDTV Input Lag

      I'm on a quest to end what I think is input lag on my current monitor. My XBOX is connected to my computer monitor which is an aging 24 inch Acer G245H Olympic Edition.


      I know that the Asus VH236H is the one they use on MLG. I would like to know if there are any of you who plays using this monitor and what is your experience. I have an SDTV that I can game on but I don't want to go standard def. I read that an SDTV have zero input lag.


      If you guys are gaming on an SDTV or the VH236H, please share your thoughts and observations and more importantly, does it really make a difference? I am thinking of buying the ASUS and I am hoping it will improve my game.

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          Re: Gaming on ASUS VH236H or SDTV Input Lag

          for what its worth ,i dont think youll notice much if any difference to what u are using now


          i came from an old olevia 32 hdtv with god knows what lag and no gaming mode and im using the 238h (i believe the led-lcd) i noticed a major difference


          but theyre very good priced if u can afford it go for it u wont regret it ,if ur low on cash i dont think ull notice enough difference to justify straining  your already strained wallet

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