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    Black Ops 2 zombies tranzit easter egg tower of baffle theory




      Basically in "Tower of Babel", the people of earth decide that they want to build a tower that reaches to the heavens so that they can be seen as great as God. God comes down and looks at it and decides that to stop them from doing this, he will confuse their languages so that they cannot work together to build the tower - thus confusion, or in other meanings “babble”.

      So how does this relate to us? Well we believe, from what we've seen in screenshots and the videos released by Treyarch, there is what looks like the remains of a radio tower - and it’s our job to rebuild it (although it could be numerous other types of infrastructural buildings, for the sake of this theory based on the “Tower of Babel” achievement - a radio tower would make the most sense).

      This radio tower is what we need to fix. We have to “obey the voices” that tell us what we need to rebuild this radio tower to communicate with either:

      (a) other survivors

      (b) our heroes on the Moon

      (c) Richtofen

      (d) Maxis

      (e) character or force yet to be revealed


      We can speculate that it is the heroes, but why would we need a radio tower to communicate with them if we can hear them already? We can say it’s Richtofen, but why would he be trying to help us? It could be Maxis, but he’s the one who caused this mess. So... we don’t know who the voices are from, but someone is telling us to build this tower to communicate with a force outside of the map. Heck Lamia even hinted at choices in Moon affecting the gameplay, so that really makes us think we’re trying to communicate with the O4 - annnnd we’re going with it!


      So what is “the Tower of Babble”? It’s a tower that reaches into the heavens with it’s broadcasts.

      and what is “the Tower of Babble” achievement? Sending signals to the Moon. The EE sends radio broadcasts to the Moon to help our heroes return in some way.