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    Relentless Clan Challenge

      Relentless - Most Kills/Fewest Deaths


      Head staright for your best loadout, you'll need it for this one. Watch your corners, anticipate enemy movement and know when to attack or defend. Get the highest K/D ratio and the accolade is yours. Accolades are cumulative through each tier, so keep fighting the good fight to earn more Clan XP,


      My question is: Is the accolade the MVP accolade? Because that's what the MVP description is.


      I played in a match where I was 14/1, so basically my K/D is 14.00. I know didn't get the most kills, because someone got 23. I know for a fact I got the highest K/D in that match but there's no way for me to check because Elite on my Xbox console gives me a dialogue box that says Bad Server Response and it starts over after I press A. Elite on PC is currently telling me there are no Clan Challenges when I just enlisted in all of them an hour ago


      The description is kinda contradicting what its asking for and what it wants.

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