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    Please Penalize Rage Quitters in BO2.


      This has become to common and it is a bad habit, a selfish habit because you are leaving your teammates a player down.  I don't care if you are getting your butt handed to you, stay in the game.  As for penalizing players, I think any XP earned in the game a player quits should be negated or earns negative XP.  So if start a game at level 40, level up to 41, and quit for any reason, all your XP earn should be wiped or have a great deduction that could cause you to go back level 40.  This may be a sore subject but quitting needs to be punished.


      So what do you think about this proposal and/or solution to DECREASE the amount of quitters we incounter?

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          Been talked about a lot on these forums.


          My idea was this. They add a Games Started and a Games Finished Stat.


          As soon as you pick your class and start a match, you get credit for a Game Started. You don't get credit for the game finished until the match officially ends. You would then have a Games Completed Stat by dividing the Number of games finished by the number of Games Started. Thus,  you get a guy with a 3.2 K/D but a 42% Completed Games Stat, you know he dashes to protect his K/D. Would much rather play with the guy with a 1.24 K/D with a 94% Games Completed percentage.


          People Dash to save their stats... so you hit em in the Stats.

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            It all depends on the lag. I will never stay if the game puts me half a second behind my opponents.

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              What an idiotic idea.


              First off, how are the heck do you expect the game to differentiate "rage quitting" and "leaving the game because I need to get off"?


              Also, as a person who rage quits, here is my question to you: Why the hell should I play a video game if I am not having fun, and am having more stress created than relieved? Why should I stay in a game on Havana where we are spawn trapped, a Chopper Gunner is mowing us down, and Attack Dogs are eating us for lunch? There is absolutely no reason whatsoever.


              Letting my teammates down? Half of the time I rage quit is because of idiotic teammates that screw me over!


              If a couple of skilled players on the other team are killing me, I can attempt to adapt (be it by using a cheap playstyle or switching to a more powerful weapon). However, if the game is screwing me over through spawn camping, lag, bad spawns, or other problems that plague Call of Duty, I'm going to leave the game. Plain and simple.

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                The OP wants you to sacrifice yourself, your own fun, and time so the others can have fun.

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                  man up, very rarely you will be screwed over by everything you've mentioned. It will usually be one of the 3 not all 3 . The way this can work is you have a limited amount of quitting per hour or so, if you quit 3 times in an hour you should be punished for an hour, if you countine the punishment should increase because when you quit you make it less fun for the other team don't be selfish man up and finish the game.

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                    LOL.  Are you kidding me?  I want you to stay in the match because it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO.  If you quit out of every game that has the problems that TheXraptor says then you'll spend the whole time joining and leaving games just because some one is better than you, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

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                      I think that people that stay in the game actually are more successful in the long run.

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                        It is called getting a better internet connection if you are having these big problems with your internet that you are a second behind.  But another thing it is called the internet and it is slowing down.  If you really care about LAG so much how about you just play LAN matches?  Easy fix for you.

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                          I disagree. I know what I'm capable of and I can hold my own. if my bullets are going through my enemies point blank like they are illusions, there is no point in staying on that game. It is not my fault that the game is flawed. I will not waste any of my time with that BS. If the game plays smooth with minimal lag, then it's fine. But if the game plays like how MW3 does and I'm not even getting a hit marker, I will leave.


                          Like I said, it all depends on the lag.

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