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      I know im gonna get a ton of hate for this but i kinda feel robbed with call of duty just by being a ps3 gamer and from the UK. Yes i know xbox pay for cod exclusives and thats cool, but i mean in terms of elite when clans can sign up for friday night fights. I mean id love to enlist my clan in some of that but 1) its not even in my country and 2) they use the xbox consoles, and well im a female gamer so i got pretty small hands which is why i love the ps3 control, i have an xbox also and well i SUCK big time on cod for xbox just purely for the control. And i feel that my ps3 clan cant even compete at a decent level on friday night fights if we were to sign up becuse they play on the xbox. Could they not do alternate FNF for ps3 as well, at least aknowledge that we also buy you games, elite merch and bring you in a lot of money.