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        I agree with you two.....i also would like a free-roaming Edge of time....AND i also am tired of the whole apocalypce things in ASM and WoS.....

        Comic book game FTW!!

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          I actually don't mind the whole apocalyptic setting (ASM reminded me of Spider-Island), though it could be done differently than past spidey games. Rather than a virus-themed crisis, NYC could undergo a seige by most if not all of spiderman's rogues gallery. It could be the arkham asylum of the spiderman games by having Green Goblin, Electro, Doc Ock, etc. takeover Manhattan and spiderman has to stop them.

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            (personally,i didnt like spider-island...so...)


            DUDE!!....It could be the Arkham Asylum of Spiderman if it had the City taken over by criminals.....not a disease or something...a sinister six with Doc Ock for a master plan...(like Joker) ....AWESOME!

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              as long as they have something to do in freeroam after the game is finishe. i very much liked asm, it was so nearly perfect. they just let it fall at the last hurdle by not having genuine freeroam experiences. random and repeating activities are a must if the next game is to do well. regardless of if its based in the comics or movies. replayability doesnt simply mean replayable missions.

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                Only if everything goes back to normal once you are done. The only thing I want for my endgame experience is a normal city with random crimes.

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                  I hear ya, been waiting for a game that has the classic "spiderman experience", something I could just pop into the disc tray and mess around in the city for half an hour or more (similar to how I play assassins creed and other open world games).

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                    This is a really great example of point-by-point feedback, and it's the kind of summary that's super useful to the developers for future games. Thanks for taking such care in putting this together!


                    Also, the discussion in this thread, IMO, is great. Pointing out what features you like and don't like, as well as contrasting past games, is very useful.

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                      Great suggestions here, but just for clarification I'm going to point out that Spider-Man: Edge of Time and The Amazing Spider-Man weren't developed back-to-back -- ASM was started by a separate team before Edge of Time was released (free-roam games take a LONG time to make). Just clearing that up, not a criticism.


                      Also: you are correct that normally movie games don't have as much time as regular games due to the fact that it takes less time to shoot a movie than it takes to make a game, but that's why ASM started quite early. Also, setting the game after the movie gave the developers a lot more freedom to make a quality game, since they didn't have to match the story beat-for-beat (and to that end, change the game to match any incoming script revisions).

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                        RE: the cast, in an IGN interview Dee said that in this case, the cast wasn't able to participate due to scheduling conflicts. As far as I know that was pretty much the only reason (but as I'm not a Beenox dev, I can't state authoritatively either way -- just relaying the interview info).


                        RE: Not wrecking the whole city mid-way through, interesting point and we'll make sure that piece of feedback gets up to the devs (along with everything else). A lot of open-world games feature changes in the city over time, either cosmetically (Prototype's a great example) or systemically (GTA 1 -- at least as far as I recall -- had previously "safe" zones becoming deathtraps once one particular faction became hostile). You'd have to ask the devs for the reasoning behind those particular decisions, but my guess the decision usually involves showing the change in the city's character over time.

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                          Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate it when the city changes and has maybe a few destroyed buildings or holes in walls. All I was saying is that I am kind of tired of apocalypse settings in Spider-Man games (WoS, this one etc). What ever happened to the good old (a few) villain(s) that Spider-Man is after? I would rather be able to constantly roam a normal city and fight off bosses in missions etc than have the whole city as ground zero due to some disease or viral attack. It's good that the city changes during the story, I'm only no fan of the apocalypse setting that has every building burning and people in panic.

                          I don't feel like I am Spider-Man then with the mass-panic and I have no way of backing out from the changes without finishing the story (which makes freeroaming a pain in the ***).


                          Keep the city changes (like the bomb that exploded in the Daily Bugle in SM3 the game, they could've kept that hole for a while but it was instantly fixed once the mission was over), get rid of the apocalypse story line and back to the roots with villains doing their thing in certain areas of the city.


                          Possible ideas for changing the city:

                          • Weather! It would be amazing to freeroam when it's a rainy day or there is snow everywhere.
                          • Bring back progressing time in freeroam so we get to see night and day within one gaming session (without visiting the apartment). You could optionally still give users the option to select the time of day, freeze the time or let it progress and the weather
                          • Construction work around the city. You could've easily added construction workers to the Oscorp tower that fix the mess the final fight between Spider-Man and the Lizard caused. By the time you are done with the story they probably would've already fixed the damage done by the snake robot.
                          • Festivals and big events! Wouldnt it be amazing if you could swing by the baseball field and see a baseball match in progress?
                          • Have sidemissions impact the environment! A burning building stays wrecked and will be repaired slowly within a set amount of time.
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