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        Heres an idea:


        Since spiderman 2099 seemed to be gaining popularity with the video games I thought that an open-world 2099 game could be the future of the franchise. But you would not want to rush a game like that so if Beenox made a triology with Peter Parker where the story ties directly to that of 2099, it would give them a few years to build up on making a better ASM game engine before they release it. The story with Peter Parker could deal with the end of the Heroic Age (frequently mentioned in the 2099 comic books) and his downfall to becoming the CEO of Alchemax. That reveal in Edge of Time that Peter Parker was in fact the leader of Alchemax was HUGE and would make for a really compelling backstory. Showing exactly how Peter became one of the futures biggest villains would give the developers an opportunity to go deeper/mature with character progression in the spiderman titles and bring in more character interaction with other marvel heroes. For someting like this to work Spidey would need a villain who could push him over the edge and I thought of no one better than Norman Osbourne (who has a lot of experience in really testing spiderman).  If you think about it Peter becoming the CEO of Alchemax bears a lot of resemblance to Norman running Oscorp, not to mention that Norman once threw the entire Marvel Universe into chaos (Seige storyline) so it would make sense for him to do it once more. Norman has always had a weird sort of Father-Son relationship with Peter even though they were enemies which would make for an interesting character dynamic. The whole motto of "Great power, Great responsibility" would really come into play here with Norman out of jail, seemingly reformed until he throws the world into conflict and justifying it all by trying to "teach" Peter what that really meant. At the end of this triology Peter would become the "Norman Osbourne" of the 2099 world being the CEO of Alchemax and then the story with Miguel O' Hara would pick up in the next triology.

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          Your idea sounds cool, but that wouldnt be a game for me. I prefer the simple open-world present day manhatten game.

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            I understand, but there are only so many times the developers can make a simple open-world present day spiderman game before it all becomes the same old tiring affair. We've had about 5 open-world spidey games and they've all been decent at best, with the exception of spiderman 2 though only because it was the first open world spidey game. Spiderman isn't the only superhero game franchise out there anymore and if he's going to compete with triple A titles such as Arkham City, Infamous or any new super hero franchise to be released in the near future then the developers are going to have to offer more. Even if they did add the unlimited random crimes we've all been requesting for, is that really going to be worth another $60 (assuming that next-gen games don't cost more)?


            Some gameplay changes to consider:


            • Parkour: Spiderman will take off in a sprint and vault over or slide under objects by holding down on a button similar to Prototype or Assassin's Creed.


            • 3rd-person web shooting: In ASM there was a cross-hair in the middle of the screen at all times allowing spidey to pin-point where he would web rush to. What if this was implemented into a sort of 3rd-person shooter mechanic where spidey could fire different types of webbing similar to Spiderman Friend or Foe which had different web attacks like the web bullets, web lasso, and sticky web. The different types of webs could add variety to the combat as certain web types will only be vulnerable to certain enemy types. It would also work in environmental scenarios where spidey may have to repair a broken bridge or stop a runaway train similar to the events in the spiderman 3 game.


            • Costume Perks/Web upgrades: Back on the old PS1 spiderman had different perks with each costume he equipped such as invisibility, invulnerability, unlimited webbing etc. He also had different web modifications such as ice, fire, and electricity webbing. It would be next if both of these elements could make a return in the next game.


            • Refillable webbing: Ever since spiderman 2 the spiderman games just went with the whole unlimited webbing concept since having to replenish your webs by collecting icons became rather tedious. But what if instead of having to collect icons spidey would just refill his web shooters by going to his apartment just like how he had to repair his costume in ASM. When you leave the apartment you will have a certain amount of webbing that you could use and once it's been depleted you're restricted to doing only the most basic web funtions such as web swinging and creating web lines. Miscallaneous web attacks such as the web bullets, sticky web, web torpedo, etc. will drain the web meter according to how powerful they are. Of course you'd be able to upgrade the capacity in spidey's web shooters as you progress through the game.


            • First-person spider-sense: ASM streamlined the spider-sense into the web-rush mechanic and it was a little jarring having exit in and out of the first-person camera during combat or while you were web-swinging. Instead the first-person camera would be a separate function and would serve as the spider-sense. In spiderman shattered dimensions and edge of time you had to use the spider-sense to locate objectives in the environment by pressing the down directional button. The new first-person spider sense would be used just the same in the next spiderman game.


            • Web rush "speed-o-meter": Aside from having more proceedural animations, the web rush as I said in my point about the spider sense, would no longer incoporate the first-person view. Instead everything on-screen would merely slow down with a filter applied to it and just as in ASM would highlight the points spiderman could go to. I also mentioned in another post how web rush could have a speed-o-meter that would fill up by performing acrobatic tricks and once filled the player could trigger a "rush mode" that would allow them to move at super-speeds.


            • Web of Shadows style free-flow combat: I also said in another post how the combat in the next spidey game would use the same free-flow mechanic that was used in ASM and it would add the ability to transition from ground to wall to air just like in Spiderman Web of Shadows. Free-flow would work beautifully with the combat style that Web of Shadows used.

            • Decision making: Also in Web of Shadows there were events where spiderman had to make choices though it wasn't very complex as you could only pick two options. It looked like this mechanic was taking a page from the Mass Effect series and I gotta say I would like to see something like that return in the next spidey game. It would add a whole new layer to the story by having different situational choices for players to make giving them the chance of defining what "with great power, comes great responsibility" really means.
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              I agree with the others. ESPECIALLY about night and day changing on it's own making a return.


              There are ways to show the character of a city without deterring players from their own creativity and personal adventures around the city as Spider-Man. I can't help but to agree that, while it's fun and engaging in terms of story, it's distracting when half of the city is on fire. Or if you are forced to deal with different situations, enemies, or mini-games.


              As a player, say I want to swing around a calm and peaceful looking Manhattan, taking on less destructive enemies? How would I know where to save the game, so that I'm not in a symbiote/virus dominated wasteland, on my first playthrough? It would be impossible.


              Though someone mentioned a very good alternative. I believe it was Tim that mentioned weather changes and festivals/holidays and I agree.


              For example, the game could be broken down into 3 months that are separated by several segments.


              Segment 1: Early October

              Clear skies, pedestriants wear normal clothes. Light jackets and hoods. Daylight lasts longer. Casual car types, such as sports cars to trucks.

              Segment 2: Halloween

              Clear or cloudy skies. Pedestriants wear normal clothes during the day. Not all, but many pedestrians are seen in costumes, at night, as you swing. Adults, teens and kids. (This isn't GTA, I don't know why kids have been left out of the game since Spider-Man 2). All times of day last equally.

              Segment 3: The Early November

              Sometimes rainy, sometimes cloudy, sometimes clear. Pedestriants now wear heavier clothing. Sunset lasts the longest, but it gets darker sooner. A lot of foilage everywhere. You begin to lightly see Spider-Man's breath.

              Segment 4: Late November

              The game could be programmed to snow VERY rarely. Mostly heavy rain, light rain and clouds. Night lasts longest. Leaves are mostly gone from trees, and pedestrians wear very thick clothing. No sport cars are seen after this point. The roads are only trucks, suvs, sedans, vans, and taxis. Thanksgiving decorations are sometimes seen.

              Segment 5: Early December

              Snow and cloudy skies. Very rarely clear sky. Pedestrians wear thick coats and boots. Night lasts very long. Leaves gone from trees. Spider-Man's breath is very visible.

              Segment 6: Holiday Season

              Christmas, Hannukah, and "Happy Holiday" signs are all around the city. Snow is permanently on the ground and on rooftops. The lakes are frozen over in Central Park. (Spidey can slide across them) Weather is snow, cloudy skies or clear skies. Pedestrians have very thick coats and boots. Day lasts longer. However night has more visible stars. Trucks, suvs, vans and special city trucks(salt trucks, snow removal) are the traffic.


              ^Something like that would defeinitely make the character of the city shine through without forcing the player to react to a city in chaos. Though, there could still be themed events that are concurrent with the segments. Like Hobgoblin, Demogoblin or Doppleganger showing up around Halloween. Some sort of Black Cat, Kingpin or J. Jonah Jameson related event during Holiday Season. And maybe some sort of slower-paced "family" gameplay during Late November; involving MJ, Harry, Aunt May, Gwen, Dewolfe, Chang, etc.

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                This, a thousand times this.


                And I don't mind when a certain area of the city is altered to fit to a mission. I remember the final mission from Spider-Man 3 at the construction side. There could be something like this for certain boss fights with a lot of news vehicles gathered around it and pedestrians standing (safe distance) watching the chaos. Whenever I think of the Green Goblin (in a game) I hope for a mission that takes place on a bridge with cars wrecked, pedestrians running towards the city and cops trying to find a way through the chaos to stop the GG from causing any more harm. You could use web rush to aim at "flying" vehicles that are about to hit the water to stick them to the bridge just like Spider-Man did in the movie (maybe make it harder by having a 50/50 chance that there are still peds inside and a small quicktime event).


                And I am totally for the family-event gameplay. TASM should not be about Spider-Man only, there should be atleast 1/3 of the game dealing with Peter Parker related stuff. I want to suddenly be reminded that I have to go visit Gwen or Aunt May somewhere or that they celebrate thanksgiving and I am invited. I would like to be able to initiate these missions by droping by Gwens apartment (where she lives with her family?) in order to go have diner with her somewhere or go to the cinema or whatever. I would also love it if the school would make an appearance (enterable?). But the most important thing is free control over when I want to wear the suit while freeroaming and when not (like swing around with Gwen as Peter Parker, just like in the movie).



                Oh and before I forget it, link the suit repair to the closet or make it an option somewhere in the apartment. I absolutely hated it that my suit was automatically repaired every time I entered the apartment...

                You could optionally also map out a part of Queens and have Aunt Mays house serve as your hideout?

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                  Weather and day/night changes in the environment would be nice but the "family-event" gameplay would be a very tricky matter because unless it serves some sort of key purpose to the narrative then there really is no point to including it in the game. It reminds me of the so-called "side missions" in Grand Theft Auto 4 like having to take "friends" bowling, going out to eat with your "girlfriend" or better yet watch tv. This stuff sounds good on paper but in the actual game it was beyond useless and unfortunate that in a game about being a criminal this was the best Rockstar could come up with for playable side missions. Unless joining Aunt May for dinner or taking Gwen/Mary Jane on a date served some purpose to the narrative (Gwen/Mary Jane get abducted or you have to protect Aunt May from villains) then it could work. But if it became a routine part of the gameplay to have to run errands as Peter Parker then this would get very tedious over time. I'm not saying that the developers shouldn't include a small part of Peter Parker's normal life into the gameplay but I would rather have them focus on more creative things to do as Spiderman. The plausible way to include a part of Parker's normal life into gameplay is by either adding photo-op missions (which we already have) or having timed races to have to meet Aunt May/Gwen/Mary Jane (which were in Spiderman 2) and the timed races got old really fast. Walking around town as Peter Parker going to get a bite to eat or going to see a movie don't have a concrete purpose in terms of "gameplay". In a game about being able to stick to walls, beat-up bad guys and swing from buildings why would you want to do anything that you already do in the real world.


                  Also the whole thing of being able to change your costume at anytime is a neat concept and one that I've thought about before however that too has it's own set of complications. Since spidey's identity is a secret he can't just change appearance right in the middle of the street so there would have to be specially marked areas where he could change outfits. However you would have to depower him because he can't just jump 50 ft into the air, stick to a wall and start webslinging otherwise that defeats the purpose of changing costume. And even if you did do that then there's still the problem that I mentioned earlier of the need to walk around as a normal dude when you would rather just play as the superhero. If the only way to perform the photo-op missions was to change into Peter Parker then the whole being able to "change identities" mechanic would have a purpose.


                  I'm not trying to rag on any of these ideas I'm just trying to point out the complex nature of trying to integrate these real world dynamics into gameplay when they have questionable purposes. Not too mention that the time and effort the developers put into making something like that is going to take away from the time they could of spent making gameplay for "spiderman". Sort of like what happened with Grand Theft Auto 4, the time Rockstar spent enabling players to go bowling, watch tv, and go out on dates took away from them being able to make better side missions (rob a bank at anytime, street race at any time, etc.)

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                    Thanks. And I like your guys ideas too. TNHS, I know you're not being argumenative, you have valid concerns. I just think it would be very easy to add Peter related events that are also fun for the player. This is just an example but something like this:


                    You could have several areas around Manhattan that Spider-Man can change into Peter or vice versa. The icon is a bookbag made out of webbing, and both Peter and Spidey have different movement. Peter would play like a civilian. Needing to catch a taxi or train, and not being able to swing or use powers. In fact, disasters don't show up on the map. So if Peter is in a place where something crazy is happening, it could even shock the player.

                    When you play as Spider-Man random crimes, random villain encounters, the missions, etc appear on screen. When you play as Peter you have different goals:


                    -Game Hints:

                    If you turn into Peter you can talk to friends and family. Aunt May, MJ, Gwen, Chang, Harry are available at their apartments or certain locations. These characters give hints to Peter/Player1 regarding the game. So for example..

                    As Spider-Man, you need to find 3 hidden bombs throughout the city. If you change into Peter and talk to Whitney Chang, she'll say she saw some men in black ski masks carrying something large into Soho.


                    -Photo Missions:

                    These missions would be the only way Peter would get a specific notice on the map of a crime or event. And you have to catch a taxi or train to get there. You can only do them as Parker. The photo missions give you points to buy or unlock moves, better cameras for Pete, costumes, upgraded web fluid. See Upgrades..



                    As I said in another post: MJ, Gwen, Whitney Chang, or Felicia Hardy should be up to the player, who they date. The pay off would be interesting character-based mini-games and an end goal result, instead of boring "bowling" levels. MJ wants you to take pictures of her (she's a model). Gwen wants you to swing her around and do specific tricks (like in the movie). Chang wants insider photos of villains so you'd get specific missions where a classic villain is attacking, and Peter (as a civilian) has to get photos and then fight them. Felicia wants you to do missions with her or race her.

                    Then the rewards:

                    -MJ (You unlock the classic comic Red/Blue suit)

                    -Gwen (You unlock House of M suit)

                    -Felicia (You unlock the classic comic black suit)

                    -Chang (You unlock Mangaverse Spider-Man)


                    -Buy Upgrades:

                    Peter starts off with a crappy camera, and then as you unlock more points from other photos, you can buy a better camera with more features and clearer picture. As I mentioned earlier, you could have costumes, web upgrades, fighting upgrades, even things like in SM2 that let you do cool aerial maneuvers or slick poses. Like being able to hang upside down from a lightpost or something.

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                      Yeah! Like:"A building is on fire! Find an alley to change into Spider-man within 30 seconds.....so noone can see you and then save the day!"  That would be some sorts of cool!!


                      If you can hang around as Peter,and when you want you can go and change into Spidey.......awesome staff.....(hope beenox isn't making the second game.....AND hope the next Spider game is comic book based....whitch is unlikely,concidering that the movie is coming out 2014...so is the game)


                      And i dissagree on the "upgrade" of the web-yoyo....this must be free from the start of the game.....freakin' trademark!! like in SM3!


                      Also i dont think the game will have the classic suit.....cause the movie suit is gonna be the classic one....(i read they are changing it...)


                      Also....they know what House of M is???.....

                      The game had costume like Scarlet Spider 2012 and FF.....the current suits are ,idk, 2 years old?.....(yes....i underestemate them.....)

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                        When you put it like that the Parker related missions could work, Peter's out with friends/family, chaos ensues, Peter has to sneak off to an area to change suits without being spotted and then saves everyone. Also the "dating" mechanic could work if there was a reward for unlockable costumes and the tasks you had to perform were simple mini-games that provide a change of pace from the usual "hero stuff". As long as there's a reasonable amount of those "dates" and not 20 or something missions you have to complete just to unlock the costume. The photo missions could work really well with the stealth gameplay of ASM by making them into a sort of recon-op. For example Peter uses his normal apperance to get inside a heavily guarded lair such as Oscorp and has to gather intelligence on his enemies by wall crawling about and taking pictures. That would give the Parker missions some bit of interest aside from just having to change costumes or engage in mini-games.


                        By the way, catching a taxi or train wouldn't be necessary or fun when you'd rather web swing/parkour across the New York rooftops. (For anyone who's played Grand Theft Auto 4 riding in a taxi was one of the most boring things you could ever have in video game).

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                          Really they could do good staf with the "Peter" thing....you can make an Assassin's Creed:Spider-Man.....parkour on rofftops, very fast, for not being seen porposes!

                          quick change into Spiderman and what TheNewSuperHero said about OsCorp!....

                          But they dont have to make it like Desmond in AC....small useless missions with him and core gameplay with th assassins....they must use good the Peter aspect,make it enjoyable...


                          God,im so hyped for them to do that!!

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